This is Season 4, Episode 12 of Hannah Montana Forever, the second to last episode of the entire Hannah Montana series.

This episode, entitled I am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar, features Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) at her high school graduation. The central conflict is between Miley and her Mamaw (Vicki Lawrence). Mamaw feels that Miley has been ignoring her in favor of her fans.

Episode 12 of Hannah Montana Forever begins with Miley, Lily (Emily Osment), Jackson (Jason Earles), Lily's father (Jon Cryer), and Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) posing for a graduation picture on Mamaw's camera.

Lily's father is so overwhelmed by his daughter's graduation that he starts crying into Lily's graduation tassels.

While Mamaw struggles with the timed camera, Miley finds herself being harrassed by Joanie Palumbo (Hayley Chase) and Rico (Moses Arias) for pictures. Rico argues with Joanie that he was here first because his "people came with Cortez."

On the ride home, a sulking Mamaw takes her anger out on Robby Ray, Jackson and Miley. Mamaw accuses Miley of giving preference to her fans and for not giving her Mamaw "cutsies" in line. Miley offers to make it up to her by taking her out for high tea at the Plaza Hotel.

At the hotel, although they were hoping for a little private time, Miley is mobbed by senior citizens who ask her for autographs for their grandchildren. Miley is torn between pleasing her fans and spending time with her Mamaw. Mamaw storms off, claiming that Miley has made her choice.

At the house, Mamaw sulks in her room like a teenager, but Miley refuses to apologize. The next morning, Mamaw takes her revenge by attempting to sabotage Miley's in-home interview with Kelly Ripa.

Miley finally interrupts the interview to reason with Mamaw and gets to the root of the problem. As it turns out, Robby Ray had also been unable to make time for Mamaw when he had become famous. She's afraid that the same thing will happen with her granddaughter. Mamaw relates a story of spending Mother's Day for three hours in an airport with Robby Ray eating lumpy meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Miley explains that things may be different now that she has removed the Hannah Montana wig, and they may not have as much private time as they used. Still, it doesn't mean that she loves her Mamaw any less. She still values her quality time with Mamaw as much as ever.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ripa, who is stuck having to improvise, decides to shoot for her personal best in pushups.

The secondary story line takes place between Jackson and his supermodel girlfriend, Siena (Tammin Sursok). Rico had hired an attractive waitress named Bambi, but Jackson claimed that he wouldn't be interested because she has short hair. Rico then tricks Jackson into saying that he wouldn't date Siena if she had short hair, recording it as evidence.

At first, Jackson refuses to apologize to Siena, but Robby Ray shows Jackson an album of Robby Ray's hairstyles from disco, to New Wave, to reggae in order to show that Jackson's mother had loved him no matter his hairstyle.

Siena later shows up on Jackson's doorstep with a butchered short haircut, claiming that she had impulsively cut it in anger over Jackson's comments. Jackson comforts her by telling her that any hairstyle looks beatiful on her. Convinced that he has learned his lesson, Siena reveals that the short haircut was just a wig.

The tailend of Hannah Montana Forever Episode 12 shows Mamaw cutting and pasting images to put together Miley's graduation photo. The photo features a prominent Mamaw. Lily's father is not in teh picture because "she does not want that crybaby on her mantle."

Can you believe that the Hannah Montana series is almost over? Did you enjoy this episode, I am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar?