This is episode 1 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series on Disney Channel.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, Sweet Home Hannah Montana, the Stewarts move into their new ranch. Miley is dismayed to learn that Robby Ray has set up her old kiddie bedroom, but is afraid to tell him that she hates her new/old room for fear of hurting his feeilngs.

The episode opens with Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus), Jackson (Jason Earles), and Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) breaking into their new house. It's spectacular. Miley is shocked that he bought new furniture without consulting her and it actually looks good.

Lily (Emily Osment) is on the phone will Oliver talking about how she misses him until she sees this fabulous place. Miley is excited about becoming the social hub of her senior class.

Miley loves her new house until she sees the bedroom. As it turns out, he recreated her old bedroom from Tennessee. Two months ago, Miley had off-handedly told Robby Ray that the old bedroom made her so happy and that she wished she could wrap it up and take it to Malibu.

Jackson and Robby Ray meets TJ, the obnoxious neighbor. TJ reads through their mail, insults everyone, and wants to freeload off the Stewarts' hot tub.

Jackson is about to show TJ out until he sees that TJ has a hot cousin, Siena (Tammin Sursok). As it turns out, she's a bikini model.

Meanwhile, Miley is still upset about her room, but takes solace in the fact that nobody at school wil see it. Of course, doorbell rings and her classmates are here. Miley tries to show them out, but Robby Ray invites them to an old-fashioned sleepover to kick off senior year.

At the pier, Miley's classmates are talking her cool house while Lily contemplates her impending social suicide. Miley wishes there was some way he would be able to see how humiliating it would be to show her friends that kind of room. Suddenly she has a flashback of Robby Ray in a tacky da- motel shirt.

Miley has a flash forward fantasy where she presents him with a replica of the shirt, making him realize that he is doing the same to her by making her invite her friends to that bedroom.

Miley needs 50,000 tickets to buy a the tacky shirt, but she has to bribe a little girl in order to get the tickets.

At the house, TJ is getting on Jackson's nerves, telling him that he has an abnormally large head. Jackson only tolerates TJ because of his cousin, but when he learns that she is dating a professional athlete, he has enough and is about to throw TJ out.

Siena comes by to tell them that she has broken up with her boyfriend and that she could use a hug. Jackson tells TJ that he was just kidding about throwing him out. TJ agrees to let Jackson have a shot at Siena if he can use their hot tub any time he wants. Siena invites Jackson to join her and TJ for a bite to eat.

At the pier, Hannah Montana makes an appearance and performs Are You Ready (Superstar)? She agrees to sing more for the little girl in exchange for 50,000 tickets. The girl agreees.

At the house, Robby Ray says that if the shirt brings back special memories, then he's happy to wear it. Miley tries to get him to admit that he doesn't like the shirt. She says that people do things out the kindness of their heart that some people don't want. Miley coaxes him by telling him to wear it to a crowded restaurant.

Lily finally breaks the ice by telling Robby Ray that Miley hates her room and that when she said she wanted to wrap it up, she didn't mean it literally. Robby Ray understands and agrees to let her redecorate the room.

Miley calls Joanie and tells her that she needs to postpone the sleepover because Lily is sick. Miley and Lily brainstorm on how to redecorate Miley's room when Miley gets the idea of converting the barn into a sleeping area.