This is Season 4, Episode 11 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, Kiss It All Goodbye, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) struggles with the aftermath of having revealed that she was Hannah Montana. Now she must learn to deal with angry parents who felt that she had betrayed their children.

At the start of the episode, Jackson (Jason Earles) says goodbye to Siena (Tammin Sursok) who is going on a photo shoot with fellow " b-b-b-bikini models." Jackson promises to eat better, but Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) busts him for eating bacon.

Miley and Lily (Emily Osment) wake up bleary-eyed by happy. Miley is relieved that the secret is out, unbeknownst to her, paparazzi are following her everywhere. They even take photos of her licking pancake syrup off her plate and her shirt.

Miley and Lily run outside to pickup a special package, an offer of admission from Stanford University. They are thrilled until they see pararazzi taking photos. She tries to ask her dad to buzz her in, but he still hasn't figured out the password on their new security system.

Fortunately, Aunt Dolly (Dolly Parton) comes to their rescue by lowering a pink feather boa ladder leading up to her plane. Dolly is saving Miley's "not-so-secret butt and looking good doing it!"

Later in the house, Robby Ray and Aunt Dolly explain to Miley that she is at the top of the news heap because she had recently let the Hannah secret out, but that this will eventually pass. Dolly tells Miley that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Miley takes her aunt's advice literally and decides to offer lemonade and snickerdoodles to the photographers. She allows them to take a few snap shots and "you caught mes" every now and then in exchange for a little privacy.

Meanwhile, Lily is attempting to comfort a distraught Rico (Moses Arias) who is besides himself over not having figured out the Hannah secret. As Rico explains, he's a genius. He's supposed to figure out these things. Rico worries that he's becoming dumb like Jackson.

Later, Miley appears on Colin Lassiter's (Michael Kagan) talk show to discuss the aftermath of the Hannah secret. Although she was hoping that her fans would be supportive, it turns out not to be the case. An angry mother calls her a liar while a child psychiatrist calls her a dream killer.

Back at the house, Aunt Dolly and Robby Ray console Miley. Dolly tells her to not the detractors stop her from getting up on stage on doing what she loves. Dolly invites Miley to perform on her show Saturday along with Robby Ray, but both Miley and Robby Ray are scared.

Miley fears the angry parents while Robby Ray fears that he's old news because he's been away from the stage for so long.

At the pier, Jackson taunts the new stupid Rico by rubbing in the fact that he got fooled by a bunch of backwood hillbillies. Still, Jackson does the right thing by inviting a gospel choir to console Rico. The choir points out that Rico shouldn't feel too bad because smart people like Donald Trump, Bill Nye, and Einstein had also been fooled by the Hannah Montana secret.

Rico, back to his old self, uncovers another secret. Jackson really likes him.

In her room, Miley wallows in self-pity watching clips of Colin Lassiter and the child psychiatrist attacking Miley. Lily asks Miley if she'd like to get out, but Miley is afraid to leave her room because everywhere she goes, "everybody hates me."

Miley then pictures what it would be like to live in her room for the rest of her life. In a fantasy sequence, Lily brings Ollie to visit Miley who is now a reclusive cat lady. Ollie is scared of the place and "Aunt Miley" and can't wait to leave.

Miley is still afraid to leave her room because she's afraid that everyone hates her. Instead, she chooses to tend to her cats, reaching a low point by officiating at a kitty wedding.

Although fanatasies usually convine Miley to do the right thing, she's still afraid to leave her bed. However, seeing her father perform on Dolly's show finally forces her to conquer her own fears about getting back on stage.

On her show, Dolly introduces Miley as someone who has taken a lot of criticism, but also someone who was not going to let that stop her from doing what she loves. Miley performs on Dolly's show and realizes that she still has fans.

Are you disappointed the Miley has moved on from the Hannah Montana persona? Or did she do the right thing by wanting to grow up and to be herself?