This is episode 2 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series on Disney Channel.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office, Miley's registration forms do not arrive in time for her to start her senior year. The principal is unwilling to make an exception for Miley but he will do it for Hannah.

The episode begins with an excited Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) and Lily Truscott (Emily Osment) making a video for Mamaw. We see the debut of their new room and it's gorgeous! Lily plays a dramatic guitar lead-in to Hannah's closet until Miley pulls the plug.

Blue Jeans with Robby Ray's (Billy Ray Cyrus) voice warns Miley and Lily that they will be late for school unless they "hoof it."

Miley and Lily are excited to arrive as seniors while Rico (Moses Arias) arrives accompanied by a gospel as the youngest senior ever. Miley is excited for what's supposed to be the best year of her life, but is dismayed to learn that she is no longer a student at the school. As it turns out, Robby Ray did not mail in her registration in time.

The principal goes on a rant about society has rules. If we didn't enforce them, then people could just do anything they want. He's tired of people asking for special treatment.

Back at the house, Miley lashes out at Robby Ray for causing her to miss her senior year. He offers to call the superintendent, but Miley is thinking bigger. As Hannah Montana, she calls the White House, but the president's busy.

Meanwhile, Jackson (Jason Earles) and Siena (Tammin Sursok) walk down stairs. Siena is thrilled that Jackson owns My Best Friend's Wedding, 27 Dresses, and Mamma Mia. Jackson is not afraid to admit that he cried at Meryl Streep singing ABBA. Siena thinks Jackson is sweet. After Jackson leaves, Robby Ray point out that Siena is into Jackson.

He advises Jackson to ask her out. Jackson comments that he's asked her out in his head. He pictures all kinds of worst-case scenarios of possible dates. He's afraid that men will swarm around her if he leaves for even a second.

Siena rings the doorbell and says that she's dated rock stars, pro-athletes, even a prince, but has never had to ask a guy out before. She asks Jackson out, and Robby Ray nods a stunned Jackson's head.

Miley whines as Lily goes off to the senior pier party. Lily convinces Miley to go, saying that they can't keep her out of senior social events. Unfortunately, they get kicked out.

Back at school, the principal explains that students who aren't registered will have to wait until second semester. But he tells Hannah Montana that rules are for snooks and that he's honored to have Hannah Montana at their school.

Hannah Montana tells the principal that she just wants to be treated like a regular new student, but she is treated as anything but. Students follow her everywhere she goes, even Joanie who claims to hate Hannah Montana is starstruck. Others throw their clothes at her and Rico brings his gospel choir to serenade her as he attempts to woo her.

Laster, Jackson and Siena are on a date and Jackson orders her a pizza. She says that this is the greasiest carb-loaded calorie packed thing any guy has ordered for her. She loves it. Jackson is squirming, but is afraid to leave until Jackson convinces him to go to the bathroom.

He returns to find Siena surrounded by guys, but she tells them to back off because she is on a date with a guy she really likes.

Back in her room, Miley is penning the new song Ordinary Girl. Robby Ray asks Miley why she's home. Miley confides that Hannah is not going to be treated like an ordinary girl. Miley just wants to be a normal girl and do the normal senior stuff.

Robby Ray reminds her that Hannah Montana gets to do things that people don't normally do. He says that it's the price you pay for being an extra-ordinary girl. Miley reminds him to hand in her registration home.

President Barack Obama comes to the rescue by appeaering on their doorstep. He apologizes for not returning Miley's call, but he did get her message. He's taken care of it and she's back in school. Obama also knows the Hannah secret. He knows Lola, and he knows that Robby Ray has been sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night for pie.