This is episode 3 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, California Screamin, Miley Stewart decides to fix Robby Ray up with her school nurse, Lori. Meanwhile, Rico taunts Jackson, saying that Siena is only dating Jackson because they have not yet sahred their first kiss.

This Hannah Montana Forever episode begins with Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Lola (Emily Osment) getting ready for Tracy's party. Lola hates Tracy, but attends the parties because of the good food. They say goodbye to Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus), and Miley realizes that her dad is spending Saturday coin-rolling. She decides that Robby Ray needs a girlfriend.

Later, Hannah and Lola return to the house and Lola is bitter that she didn't get to steal any food. Hannah tells her that spending time with the desperately lonely father who gives Lola food and shelter is more important.

Hannah and Lola find Robby Ray watching a Bachelorette-type show. Hannah asks her dad when he had his last date. Robby Ray insists that he'll date when he's ready. Hannah has a flash forward fantasy of what would happen if Robby Ray remains single. It isn't pretty.

Laster, Jackson (Jason Earles) is on the phone with Mamaw, telling her about the supermodel he's dating. He doesn't care that Mamaw broke her leg.

Rico (Moses Arias) rings the doorbell and demands an answer to why a girl like a Siena would date a guy like Jackson. According to Rico, Jackson's not good-looking or smart, and he picks his nose behind a menu. Rico then realizes that Jackson has not yet kissed Siena. He claims that Siena has kissed "real men" and that once she kisses Jackson, then Jackson can kiss her goodbye. Jackson throws Rico out (literally).

At the school bake sale, Miley tries to find single or divorced mothers for Robby Ray. Miley overhears the school nurse, Lori (Christine Taylor), complaining about her last date. The guy wasn't into music, had no manners, and had fake hair. Lori is on the phone with her nagging mother who is trying to set her up with her butcher.

Miley enters the nurse's office and the nurse thinks she has head lice. Miley confesses that she has a single dad, but Lori is through with fix-ups. Miley forces Lily to fake an illness in order to get Robby Ray to come to school. As expected, Robby Ray and Lori do hit it off once they meet.

Back at the house, Jackson practices for Siena by kissing a stuffed pig. He has fantasies of Siena telling him "yuck!" Siena rings the doorbell and asks why Jackson hasn't called. She wants to know if everything is okay.

Jackson offers to watch TV and to make popcorn in order to distract her from kissing. After Jackson kills the romantic atmosphere, Siena wonders if Jackson just wants to be friends. She's worried that he hasn't kissed her.

Jackson admits that he is insecure because Siena has kissed so many "manly" men. Siena tells him that he's not like the guys she's dated. He's way better. They share a romantic kiss. Meanwhile, Rico is watching with binoculars and falls out of a tree because he is so shocked.

At the pier, Lily tells a little girl that she doesn't have enough tickets for the big tiger. Miley shows up and admits that she's been spying on her dad and his date. Robby Ray and Lori show up and they know she's was hiding behind the dessert cart at the restaurant.

Robby Ray and Lori are having a great time on their date, but Miley panics when they decide to go on the roller coaster. Miley thinks that Robby Ray's roller coaster cackle will scare Lori away. Miley follows them to the roller coaster and tries to convince them not to scream.

Robby Ray and Lori want to ride again, but Miley pulls him aside and explains that he could blow it with his coaster cackle. Robby Ray tells Miley to trust that he's going to be okay. If Miley's mom could accept him the way he is, then someone else will too.

As the credits roll, Robby Ray tells Miley and Lily that he's going out with Lori again. Miley and Lily realize that they have the house to themselves and decide to watch the Bachelorette show.