This is episode 5 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, It's the End of the Jake as We Know It, Miley learns that her boyfriend Jake (Cody Linley) has cheated on her. Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso) also makes a special apperance.

This episode begins with a holiday performance by Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Sheryl Crow singing Need a Little Love. Lily (Emily Osment) calls Miley to ask where the tweezers are. Lily is panicking because Oliver is on his way. Tweezing her eyebrows, she asks Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) if they are even and freaks out.

"Lily Pop" and "Ollie Pop" happily greet each other. Lily looks forward to a perfect visit, but Oliver brings bad news. He has caught Jake nibbling another girl's ear and has a photo to prove it. Just as Lily and Oliver are deciding what to do, Miley walks in and greets Oliver, saying that this weekend is going to be perfect.

Miley senses the awkwardness, but has to take a phone call.

Lily tells Oliver that he needs to tell Miley about Jake quickly, but Miley is too stressed out because one of her guest stars has flaked out on her holiday special. Oliver doesn't have the heart to tell her and ruin the holiday special.

Jackson (Jason Earles) melodramatically walks down stairs moaning Siena's (Tammin Sursok) name. She's been modeling all weekend and she misses her. Robby Ray tells him to see her, but he can't afford the $2,000 to travel to Peru. Instead, Jackson takes Robby Ray's suggestion to take the Siena T-shirt out to dinner and a movie.

Meanwhile at the pier, Rico (Moses Arias) is haggling Al to sell him the pizza place, but Al says no. He thinks Rico is too young and will only do business with Rico if he brings his dad along. Since Rico's dad is touring on Broadway with The King and I, Jackson offers to pretend to be Rico's dad for $2,000.

In her room, Lily gets off the phone with Oliver and decides to talk to Miley in her sleep. Lily tells sleeping Miley to break up with him. Miley wakes up, upset that Jake is never here. She calls Jake to tell him and asks him to come over this weekend and to do Hannah's Christmas special.

Jake arrives, and Robby Ray and Lily have a difficult time containing their disdain for him. Oliver walks in and is shocked to find Jake in Miley's living room.

At the pier, Al and Rico await as Jackson makes his dramatic entrance as Rico Sr. Al tells Rico that Jackson's accent is the worst he's heard, but he loves the fact that Rico is willing to lie and cheat in order to get what he wants. Al happily takes Jackson's wig and comments that it feels like "having a kitty cat on my head."

Al give Rico his business, and Jackson succeeds in getting his $2,000 to visit Siena.

Meanwhile, Hannah Montana and Sheryl Crow are performing for the holiday special. Backstage, Lily tells Oliver that they should tell Miley about Jake's cheating. Oliver still wants to protect her and not ruin her holiday special.

Backstage, Hannah talks to Lily and Oliver while one kid who had overheard their previous conversation approaches them and asks "who's Jake, and why is he a cheater?" Hannah confronts them and Lily and Oliver are forced to tell him the truth.

Hannah is angry that Lily and Oliver had know about it and had lied to her. In the next holiday sketch, Hannah (as Mrs. Claus) takes her anger out on Jake (dressed as an elf). She says that Jake has been a bad boy and that he will get nothing.

A confused Jake says that he was hoping to get a puppy for Christmas. Hannah retorts that he would cheat on it with another puppy, and Jake slips that it was just one puppy. She lets cheater Jake have it and hits him with her sack.

After the sketch, Robby Ray says he doesn't care if Hannah ruined the sketch. It was his favorite part of the show. Lily and Oliver are apologetic. Robby Ray points out that when Jake lied, he was only thinking about himself, but that when Lily and Oliver lied they were thinking of Miley. Miley forgives her friends and asks them for a hug.

Jake approaches Hannah and is about to tell her loves her, that he's sorry, and that he wants another chance. Hannah tells him that he won't get one and says goodbye. If it makes her feel any better, someone stole Jake's clothes, so he's stuck having to fly to Phoenix wearing elves' clothes.

After Jake leaves, Robby Ray reveals that he had stolen Jake's clothes and gets a hug from Hannah.