This is episode 6 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, Been There All Along, Robby Ray feels slighted when Miley blows off their father-daughter time to go out with Jesse. Miley eventually realizes how lucky she is to have her father around.

Miley(Miley Cyrus) and Lily (Emily Osment) enter the house dismayed to find Robby Ray and Lori (Christine Taylor) having romantic time in the hot tub. Despite being "old people are gross"-ed out, Miley is happy for him.

Robby Ray reminds Miley that they are due for some quality time. He explains that she's growing up so fast and that she'll be going to college soon. He misses her. Miley decides to forget the beach and to devote tomrorow to father-daughter time.

At the pier, Lily tells a little girl that she doesn't have enough tickets for the tiger. Miley tells Lily that the maternal thing is not for her. Lily points out that Jesse (Drew Roy) is there. Miley has a flashback of romantic tension between Hannah Montana and Jesse. Unfortuantely, unlike Jake, Jesse only knows her as Hannah.

Miley introduces herself to Jesse, saying that he had smiled at her in the front row at a Hannah Montana concert. He says that he no longer works with Hannah because she had messed with his head. Jesse thinks that Miley looks familiar.

Miley is excited to get Jesse's number and a date. Unfortunately, it means that she has to cancel father-daughter time yet again.

Miley asks Jackson what he does when Robby Ray wants to spend quality time. Jackson tells him that she has to be gross and disgusting like him, but that takes years to cultivate. Miley is stuck having to tell her dad the truth. Robby Ray does not take it well and he storms off.

Later, Miley and Jesse are enjoying a nice picnic. Unfortuantely, she starts thinking about her broken-hearted dad. Just as Miley and Jesse are about to share a kiss, Jesse has to take a call from her dad.

Miley is upset that Jesse would blow her off on a first dad, but Jesse explains that his dad is stationed in Afghanistan. He cherishes any time he gets to spend with him.

Robby Ray sings sad songs before realizing that Jackson is now his "good child." Miley runs to her dad saying how sorry she is for blowing him off. She realizees that she's lucky to have him and sometimes she forgets it.

Miley and Robby Ray finally enjoy some quality time at the pier, while Miley wishes she could help those families who aren't as lucky as they are.

Hannah Montana and Robby Ray perform a concert on behalf those stationed in Afghanistan. Hannah Montana performs the title song, Been Here All Along.

Hannah Montana performs Que Sera before offering families a chance to tell each other that everything is okay. She performs I'm Still Good. We see a montage of families sending messages of love and support to their loved ones stationed abroad.

Hannah Montana thanks the audience for helping to give her the best daddy-daughter day she ever had.