This is episode 7 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season of the Hannah Montana series.

In this Hannah Montana Forever episode, Miley convinces Lily to ride her horse Blue Jeans, but this proves to have disastrous consequences. While riding Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans is bitten by a snake causing Lily to fall and break her leg while Blue Jeans becomes gravely ill.

At the start of the episode, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) talks to Lily (Emily Osment) about how much she enjoys riding Blue Jeans. Miley wants to share this experience with her best friend, but Lily says she's afraid of falling off a horse. Lily then calls Miley out on her inability to climb a rope. "The girl can sing The Climb. She just can't do it."

Lily makes Miley a deal. She will ride Blue Jeans if Miley agrees to climb the rope.

Progress is slow. After an hour, she only makes it four inches up the rope.

Back at the house, Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) suggests that maybe it's not a good idea for Siena to have breakfast with Jackson (Jason Earles) because he eats like pig. Jackson retorts that Siena (Tammin Sursok) likes him just the way he is. However, when Siena rings the doorbell, Jackson frantically freshens himself up with lemons and spits in Robby Ray's lemonade.

On her way to a photo shoot, Siena gives him one of her favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird. Jackson reluctantly promises to read it. Robby Ray comments that the book is hundreds of pages with no pictures. Jackson attempts to read it, but falls asleep.

Back at the gym, Miley shows Lily that she has successfully climbed the rope. As it turns out, Miley had men hoist her up while she distracted Lily by pretending that Oliver was back.

At the house, Jackson struggles with To Kill A Mockingbird. After two days, he's read the title page 71 times. Jackson says he's part of the video game generation. He can't handle slow and long books. Robby Ray compares the brain to a muscle that just needs to be exercised.

In the living room, Jackson is distracted by wrestling magazines until he has a fantasy about wrestlers chastising him about not reading the book. While strangling him, the wrestler tells Jackson that reading is a joy that takes you to new places. Jackson decides to read...after a sandwich.

At the stable, Lily shows up in a bubble wrap cast because she's afraid to ride Blue Jeans. After awhile, Lily begins to enjoy herself until Blue Jeans gets a scare, causing Lily to fall and break her leg.

Lily is at first understanding because she thinks Miley had kept her end of the deal by climbing the rope. Miley then confesses that she lied about the rope to get Lily on the horse.

Meanwhile, the vet confirms that Blue Jeans was bitten by a snake. She advises them to try to get Blue Jeans back on his feet.

At the stable, Miley tries to coax Blue Jeans into standing up by telling bad jokes. Miley asks Lily to stand to show she's not afraid to stand. Meanwhile, Blue Jeans collapses.

Jackson explains that it's not good for a horse to lie down too long and that Blue Jeans should have stood up by now. Robby Ray remarks that sometimes an old horse will not get up when it decides it's their time to go.

At the stable, Robby Ray and Miley reminisce about bringing Blue Jeans home. Miley is not ready to let go, but Robby Ray tells her that all they can do is pray. We see a montage of Miley and Blue Jeans with Miley and Robby Ray singing Love That Lets Go.

To Miley's joy, Blue Jeans stands up and is back to his old self.

This episode of Hannah Montana Forever was dedicated to Miley Cyrus' real horse Roam-Man.

As the credits roll, Siena realizes that Jackson didn't read the book. Siena tells him to read the book if he wants to continue dating a b-b-b-bikini model. He asks his dad for lots of coffee so he can begin reading.

Lily observes that Jackson conquered his fear of reading a book, Lily conquered her fear of riding Blue Jeans, and Blue Jeans conquered his fear of standing up.

Miley is stuck having to face her worst fear, climbing the rope. She finally succeeds, but another girl rubs in the fact that she was able to do it when she was four.