This is episode 8 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season in the Hannah Montana series.

In this episode, Hannah's Gonna Get This, Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) struggles to come up with a bonus song for her album. When she finally comes up with the perfect song, it receives mixed reviews because the song is outside her normal style. Some of her most loyal fans do not want Hannah Montana to change.

The episode begins with Hannah Montana recording Que Sera. Her producer loves it. He also loves the other eight songs she had written for her new album (as her father proudly points out). Unfortunately, he breaks that news that he wants one more new song for Friday. (After all, Taylor Swift had nine songs and a bonus track).

Back in her room, Miley Stewart reads Lily (Emily Osment) her imaginary Grammy acceptance speech. She then starts showing Lily samples of songs. Unfortunately, they are all songs that have already been written (Super Super Girl, Nobody's Perfect, If We Were a Movie, Best of Both Boys).

In the kitchen, Jackson (Jason Earles) asks Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) for money to take Siena out for breakfast. After an insensitive joke about Jackson's deceased mother, Robby Ray reluctantly gives Jackson $20, but will not pay him to answer the ringing doorbell.

Rico (Moses Arias) enters debuting his new moustache. He asks "Robert" if he can borrow an moustache comb and implies that Jackson is less of a man because he is unable to grow a moustache. Robby Ray wishes he had a fly swatter so he can get rid of Rico, but Jackson takes care of it, tossing Rico out of the house with his moustache.

Later, Robby Ray is singing Barefoot Cinderella with his guitar. Miley wants to use it as her new song, but Robby Ray decides to let her work it out for herself. He tells her that deep down she knows that it would be wrong for him to finish the song for her. Miley storms off, frustrated that her dad won't let her do something wrong for once in her life. Robby Ray: "I wonder if Papa Gaga has to go through this."

In the living room, Jackson uses a machine to stimulate his hair folicles in hopes of growing a moustache. Robby Ray says that the idea was as stupid as the time Uncle Earl had tried to grow his hair by using the honey rub. Of course Jackson decides to try the honey rub. Robby Ray rubs it in by using a leaf blower, causing leaves to stick to Jackson's face.

Later, Lily comments that Miley has been stuck in her room for a week and that she needs to come out. A disheveled Miley finally comes out and Lily offers to take her down to the pier to air out Miley's bad breath.

At the pier, Miley curses Taylor Swift and her bonus track. After complaining that she's never going to get this, she has a flash of inspiration (leading to her new song, Gonna Get This). Her producer loves the song, but thinks it's all wrong for her.

Quinn, the producer, explains that he loves the song, and loves Hannah Montana, but that they don't belong together (like his parents). He doesn't think that it's the kind of sound Hannah's audience expects from her.

Hannah believes that her audience will love her and the song together. Quinn disagrees and decides to hold a focus group to decide the matter. If more than half of the ten selected Hannah Montana fans like the song, then she will have her bonus track. Hannah believes in the song and trusts her fans.

At the focus group meeting, one boy hates the song. Another girl loves the song but doesn't think it's right for Hannah Montana. Robby Ray storms off in anger.

Lily decides to take matters in her own hands, dressing up as a twelve-year-old girl in order to sway the focus group.

Back at the pier, Rico is finishing his new sign "Rico's Pizza" when Jackson (Unharry Potter) walks in. Jackson admits that he's just a baby-faced wimp who can't grow a moustache. Rico gloats, enjoying his moustache dance until Jackson decides to give him a sneak peak at his future.

Jackson shows Rico pictures of Rico's dad, grandfather, and great great great Aunt Rosa. They are all bald. Jackson rubs it in by handing Rico a piece of his falling hair.

Back at the focus group, Lily declares that there are 5 kids of love the song (the Cool Kids) and 5 who don't. A girl named Cammi is the deciding vote, but chooses Team So Lame They Don't Have a Name.

An angry Hannah Montana enters the focus group meeting, giving a speech how change can be scary but that it's a part of growing up. Change is fun and exciting, like the song. Cammi hugs Hannah Montana, tellign her that she doesn't want her to change. She loves her just the way she is.

At the studio, Hannah second-guesses herself. Robby Ray tells her that artists always encounter naysayers when they are trying to grow. He tells her to listen to her heart. "You ain't happy, it ain't working."

Iyaz hears a clip of the song and loves it. He offers to buy it from her if she isn't going to use it. Hannah Montana decides to use the song after all, but invites Iyaz to record it with her on her new album.