This is Season 4 Episode 9 of Hannah Montana Forever, the final season in the Hannah Montana series.

In this two-part Hannah Montana Forever episode, I'll Always Remember You, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) realizes that the Hannah Montana secret has complicated so many aspects of her life. She struggles with the decision to reveal the Hannah secret.

In the first scene, Miley struggles with the decision to tell Jesse that she is Hannah Montana. She feels that the Hannah secret has ruined every relationship she ever had. Lily (Emily Osment) is tired of hearing Miley complain about her problems and is upset that nobody cares about "Lola."

Jesse (Drew Roy) arrives, and Miley prepares to tell him the secret, but he had already figured it out on his own. Miley comments that after six years, the rest of the world hasn't figured it out. Jesse replies, "the rest of the world isn't in love with Miley Stewart."

Just before they're about to share a kiss, Lily/Lola peeps in from the window. Jesse recognizes her as Lola, and she is thrilled.

Miley, however, does have one rule: Jesse is dating Miley not Hannah.

The scene features Hannah Montana performing "Barefoot Cinderella" on Jay Leno. Jesse impulsively kisses her after the song, leading Jay Leno to out Hannah and Jesse as a new couple. Now Miley and Jesse can't date.

Things go sour when Jesse visits Miley at the pier. After sharing an intimate hug, an observer catches Jesse "cheating" on Hannah Montana with Miley Stewart, not realizing that they are the same person.

Back at the house, Jesse is dismayed to find that he has become a talk-show punchline. After receiving angry messages from his niece, grandmother, and mom, he's not sure that he can handle dating Miley/Hannah. "As long as there's two of you, I don't think there can be an us."

Later, Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) consoles her by telling that when one door closes, another one opens.

On cue, an excited Lily enters the house with two envelopes from Stanford University. Unfortunately, it's bad news. Lily has been accepted, but Miley receives a rejection letter.

In the next scene, Miley has driven 200 miles to reason with the Stanford University admissions director (Valerie Mahaffey). She reasons that Miley and Lily have similar grades and SATs. Unfortunately, the admissions director points out Miley's lack of extracurricular activities.

Miley realizes that her lack of extracurriculars were due to the fact that she had spent so much time being Hannah Montana. She can't tell the admissions director that she was Hannah Montana, so Stanford cannot reconsider her application.

Dad tries to console her with mac and cheese and bacon, but Miley is inconsolable. She lost Jesse because of Hannah Montana and now she has lost Stanford because she was performing for the Queen of England instead of cleaning the spit bucket for the girls' wrestling team.

Lily comes up with the idea for Miley to tell the admissions director that she was Hannah Montana's assistant. In the car, Dr. Phil appears as a "visual manifestation of your overstressed subconscious" and he's with her for the next two-hundred miles.

At Stanford, the admissions director is impressed, but needs proof of employment. An angry Miley drives homes and changes into her Hannah Montana costume in order to prove that Miley had worked for her. Lily asks why she didn't just use the emergency Hannah kit that she kept in the car. Miley again realizes that she had driven two hundred miles for nothing.

Back at Stanford, the admissions director tells Hannah that the board would reconsider Miley's application but that she would go to the end of the wait list. She explains that the board only makes exceptions in rare cases. If Hannah Montana were to apply, and had Miley's grades and SAT scores, she'd have no problem getting in.

Hannah considers telling the admissions director that she and Miley are the same person, but backs away at the last minute.

Jackson,(Jason Earles) Siena (Tammin Sursok), and Rico (Moses Arias) who have been providing singing background commentary for the entire episode, point out that Miley's problems would be solved if she just came clean about the wig.

Miley returns home, eagerly looking forward to mac and cheese and bacon, but to her dismay, Robby Ray has eaten it all.

Lily consoles Miley by offering to defer Stanford for a year and go to Malibu Community College with Miley. Robby Ray: "If only grown men could cry like teenage girls, there would be no more wars."

Later, Jesse serenades her on her doorstep. He comments that being with Miley/Hannah is a headache, but that she is worth it.

Back in her room, however, Miley has a moment of guilt as her conscience (speaking as Hannah) tells her that it wrong for Lily to give up her dreams of Stanford and that Jesse not deserve to be labeled as a cheater. Hannah Montana tells Miley that her friends shouldn't have to make the sacrifices for her.

Still, Miley decides that she is not ready to tell the world that she is Hannah Montana.

Back in her room, Miley reminisces about her good times as Hannah Montana. She confides to Robby Ray that being two people seemed like a great idea. He comments that nothing stays the same forever. He tells her that if she gives up Hannah, she will be able to go to school with Lily and that Jesse will be able to go out with her without people hating him. Unfortunately, she'd have to give up her privacy. Giving up Hannah Montana is a choice she'll have to make.

We see a montage of some of Hannah Montana's best moments with a voiceover of "I'll Always Remember You." Miley thanks Hannah.

Hannah Montana returns to Jay Leno with some big news. Jay tells her that he's never had the same person twice in one week. Hannah says she's not the same person and walks to the stage, leading Jay to think she's gone bananas. That is, until she explains why she wrote her next song.

Hannah Montana had written a song about a girl who wanted to have a normal life. The girl is now 17, and her name is Miley Stewart. With Robby Ray, Lily, and Jesse behind her, Hannah Montana removes the wig and performs for the first time in a long time as herself.

Were you sad to see Hannah Montana remove the wig or did she do the right thing? What did you think of Jackson, Siena and Rico's vocal commentary?