This is episode 13, the final episode of Hannah Montana Forever as well as the entire Hannah Montana series on Disney Channel.

The final episode of Hannah Montana Forever begins with Lily Truscott (Emily Osment) cutting and pasting a photo montage of her memories with Miley to decorate their room at Stanford.

Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) pulls out two pairs of glasses and asks which one makes her look "more higherly educated." Lily comments that if she's going to use phrases like "more higherly educated," she's going to need a lot more than glasses to pull it off at Stanford.

Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) enters with a package. He bought her Stanford sweatshirts, but it's many sizes too big. He answers the phone and says that Miley is not interested in doing a movie, even if Tom Cruise is the co-star. He says to tell Mr. Spielberg thanks, but no thanks.

Miley overhears the conversation and is tempted to take Spielberg up on the offer. Lily later thanks Miley for giving up the Hannah secret and putting her career on hold to go to college with her best friend. Miley is torn. She wants the part but doesn't want to disappoint Lily.

Miley answers the door to receive a basket of muffins from Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise.

At the pier, Jackson (Jason Earles) brags to Rico (Moses Arias) about his new job. He works at kids' birthday parties, educating them about our ecosystem. Flash forward to Jackson giving a presentation while holding one of the six largest pythons in the world. The snake paralyzes Jackson with its venom. Rico says that it's the best birthday party ever.

Jackson has been looking for a job for weeks. He needs money because Siena is always buying him nice gifts, and he feels like he can't compete. Siena (Tammin Sursok) calls him to tell him that she will be able to see him in four hours.

Rico offers to let Jackson to come back to work for him, but he refuses. Jackson's new boss asks him to come box a kangaroo.

At the house, Miley is reading the script and it's perfect for her. The story is about a Southern girl with a double identity. Robby Ray asks her about Lily. She is worried that Lily won't understand if she tells her the truth.

Lily later confides to Miley that she was nervous about whether or not Miley was really going to college with her.

Robby Ray tells Jackson to be nice to Miley because she is under a lot of stress about the Lily situation. Jackson meanwhile is using ice packs to treat his injuries from the kangaroo fight.

Miley walks in. Robby Ray and Jackson realize that she still hasn't told Lily about the movie. Miley has a brilliant plan--since Lily believes that it will be hard to go to college without Miley, Miley wants to show her that it will be even harder to go to college with her.

In the car with Lily, Miley does her best to be as annoying as possible, reciting French with an obnoxious accent, but Lily doesn't take the bait. Miley starts faking an allergy attack, but after the sacrifices that Miley has made, she can do anything and Lily can handle it.

At the orientation, Miley tries to convince Lily that the other students will mob her because she's famous, but nobody cares.

At the pier, Jackson tells the counter girl to reserve the horse for him as a gift to Siena. The girl asks why he doesn't choose the bunny, but Jackson explains that Siena likes horses.

Rico comes to taunt Jackson about his job. Jackson says that he may have humiliated himself, but that he finally has enough money to buy her the stuffed horse. Rico and the girl say that he should have chosen the bunny. Jackson actually has his eye on the necklace that the horse is wearing.

Siena comes by and asks Jackson what happened to his eye. He makes up a story about an old lady. Jackson hands her a stack of tickets, and she chooses the bunny. As Jackson gets the bunny, he removes the necklace from the horse and puts it on the bunny.

Siena excitedly tells him that she can wear it in his brand new car. As it turns out, she had gotten him a car for their six month anniversary.

At Stanford, Lily is on the phone with Oliver, telling him how great it is that nobody recognizes Miley. Miley walks in and complains about everything. Lily asks her if she's going to be like this all year.

Lily tries to comfort Miley by telling her that they are together and nothing is going to ruin it, but Amber and Ashley walk in. Amber and Ashley try to befriend them, but Lily sees through it. Amber and Ashley are only being nice because they now know that Miley is famous.

Miley tries to convince Lily that she should leave because Amber and Ashley will never leave Lily alone if Miley is there. Miley says that she should take a year off and do a big-budget Hollywood movie. Miley hugs Lily, but Lily sees through it. (Miley had given her a "guilty" hug).

Miley is forced to tell Lily that she's going to Europe for a year to do a Steven Spielberg movie. Lily would have eventually been happy for Miley but she is mad that Miley had lied to her.

In the car, Miley tells Lily that she can't stay mad at her forever. Lily drops Miley a bomb--until she goes away to college, she's moving back in with her dad.

At the pier, Rico shows Jackson classifieds of unsavory jobs. Jackson caves in and takes a job at Rico's. Siena comes to the pier to asks Jackson if she wants a ride in his new car, but he's working.

At the house, Miley is on the phone asking Oliver for help, but he refuses. He's on Lily's side. Miley and Jackson both complain about how they hate their lives. Jackson tells Miley that Siena bought him a car. He explains that his girlfriend is a rich supermodel, but that he can't get a real job. Miley assures Jackson that somebody will recognize his talents and offer him the right job.

Jackson returns the favor by offering to help with the Lily problem. He suggests that she ask Lily to come to Paris with her. As Miley and Jackson share a hug, Robby Ray enters. He doesn't want to know how it happened--he just wants to enjoy it while it lasts.

Back in her room, Lily is cutting pictures of her and Miley. Miley explains that she didn't ask Lily to come to Paris because she kinow how much college meant to her. After some coaxing, Miley convinces Lily to agree to come to Paris.

Rico knocks on the door to tell Jackson that he's fired. Rico explains that Jackson will not feel good about himself until he has a real job. Much to Rico's chagrin, he actually cares about Jackson and wants to help him. Rico lands Jackson the perfect job, as a video game tester.

Jackson is shocked that Rico would do something nice for Jackson. They realize that under all that fighting, they really are good friends. Jackson and Rico share an awkward hug.

Jackson loves his new job. He gets to play video games in the hot tub and eat popcorn while his assistant calls him "Mr. Stewart." Siena orders Jackson a nice shrimp dinner while Miley and Lily complain about him hogging the hot tub. Siena thinks Miley was being kind of mean, but Jackson fondly remarks that "it's just us."

At the airport, Lily tries to practice her French by approaching a pregnant woman, but the woman curses Lily out because she was not pregnant (just overweight).

Oliver (Mitchel Musso) makes a surprise appearance. He can't let them leave without saying goodbye. Jesse (Drew Roy) walks in, also saying that he can't let them leave without saying goodbye. Oliver is bitter because he had made a huge romantic gesture, and Jesse ruined it by doing the same thing.

Lily and Oliver finally have some alone time and she tell him in French that she loves him. He loves her too. They lean in for a kiss, but we don't see it because a couple moves a heavy cart of suitcases in front of them.

Oliver points to a group of girls wearing Stanford sweatshirts. He comments that it will be her and Miley next year, unless she gets another offer for a blockbuter movie. Oliver's words make Lily second-guess her decision to go to Paris.

Miley and Jesse also share a goodbye kiss (also blocked by heavy suitcases). Lily tearfully tells Miley that she can't go to Paris. Paris is Miley's dream, not hers. Miley thanks her for being the best friend she ever had.

Miley begins her life in Paris while Lily settles into Stanford. There is a voice-over of Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment singing Wherever I Go. In her dorm, Lily hears a knock at the door. Miley appears in the over-sized Stanford sweatshirt and introduces herself as Lily's new roommate.

Miley tells Lily that there will be other concerts and movies, but only one chance to go to college with her best friend.

As the credits roll, Hannah Montana Forever ends with a montage of scenes throughout the four seasons of Hannah Montana.