Paul Chen manufacturer's some of the highest of quality samurai, Chinese, European, Medieval, and fencing swords out of the market. The hanwei forge is a handmade blade, made by highly skilled craftsmen. A hanwei forge sword can make for a good collectors item, or a good quality martial arts training weapon. Swords are fascinating weapons and one of the first weapons ever used. Swords go back to ancient times, and were first discovered sometime in the Bronze age in the 17th century BC. They became largely popular in culture folklure today, from the use of knights, gladiators, and Japanese ninjas.

Each sword is handmade by a professional sword blacksmith. The best swords are handmade, not produced by machines. Forge swords use carbon steel to produce strong, sharp, powerful, and authentic weapons. Today a lot of replica swords can be made with aluminum alloy, or stainless steel. The quality isn't nearly the same as a handmade forge sword, neither is the value of an authentic replica sword. A forge sword has durability, strength, and its just a flat out tougher sword. The value of a forge handed sword is higher and will cost a lot more money.

Why buy a hanwei forge sword

Forge swords are handmade swords. A skilled craftsman forges the sword with a hammer. Swords are usually heated through 1,500 degrees of hot burning coals, and clay tempered. Blacksmiths take pride in their work, and hanwei forge swords are handcrafted with the highest of quality. Paul Chen hand picks a team of highly skilled craftsmen all across the world who are highly skilled in crafting the highest quality of swords on the market. Paul Chen's swords are made to replicate the authentic models of traditional Japanese swords, European swords, Knights swords, and Viking swords.

The clay used to temper the sword is from Chens' own personal recipe. Any martial arts enthusiasts, or those who are sword collectors should purchase a forge sword for its authenticity and its originality. A hand-made sword is a great collectors item to purchase. Most Paul Chen swords are made from 1095 high carbon steel. 1095 carbon steal is very tough for long bladed swords.

Where to buy high quality Japanese Hanwei Forge Swords - Odachi, Wakizasih, and Samurai swords

Hand forged True Odachi Japanese Samurai Sword - This is a very long sword, that features overall dimensions of 67 inches in length, and a blade length of 49 inches. Odachi swords are long, and they're too long to carry on the waist. Odachi swords are carried on the back. Odachi swords are very rare swords these days, and are hardly ever made anymore. They're more difficult to produce today, and have sorta loss its popularity since 1615 as a battle field sword. Today it's used more as a symbol sword for like a ceremonial piece, or purchased by sword collectors as a commodity. It's not really a combat sword, since it's much heavier than a katana and difficult to carry. You can purchase the hand forged True Odachi Japanese Samurai sword online at ebay,, and swords of might.

Imperial forge Spring Steel Wakizashi - The Imperial forge spring steel wakizashi sword is made with 1055 spring steel, which makes it a bit more durable than fully hardened 1055 carbon steel. It has very low resistance, and its a tougher steel. The wakizashi is the backup weapon to the samurai. The blade dimensions are smaller, just 21 1/8 inches. Japanese ninjas used it as a "suicide weapon", when defeated and wounded during combat. The Imperial forge spring steel wakizashi is a one-handed weapon sword. It features black rayskin and blue cotton tsuka. Comes with a black lacquered wood saya. Differentially clay-tempered (HRC 60/40). The wakizashi sword is sharp, strong, and cuts like an authentic combat sword. You can buy the Imperial forge spring steel wakizashi sword online at swords of might and ancient honor swords for just $349.00.

Hanwei Tiger Elite Katana Hand Forged Steel Blade - A high quality hanwei forge samurai sword that uses a clay tempered method to produce a HRC60 edge and HRC40 back. The blade is 29 inches long, and is an authentic combat sword. The samurai sword makes a great collectible for sword collectors, or it can be used as fighting weapon swords for martial arts training. The sword handle is made from rayskin, and the tsuka wrap is made from a special Japanese cotton. Comes with a black lacquered wood saya. You can find these hanwei forge samurai swords online at amazon,, ebay, collectible swords USA, and swords of might.