Feelings of happiness come and go, but there are ways to keep them longer and produce them more often. Money isn't needed to buy happiness. It may be helpful, but simply eating a well-balanced diet, resting, accomplishing goals, and being flexible can keep that happiness feeling throughout the day.

Eat. Yes, eat at least three times a day, not a lot, but something. Eat some protein, some fresh fruit, some fresh vegetables, and some carbohydrates. A balanced diet packed with fiber and good nutrition gives long-lasting energy. Good, nutritious food produces the energy to be happy, so eat!

Move. It doesn't have to be a major workout, but just wiggling our toes can get movement started. Once we start moving, momentum builds into energy producing strength. Having strength makes us in control of our day and gives feelings of being able to make good decisions and be successful. This power can bring happiness.

Accomplish tasks. Movement can roll into the momentum of accomplishing tasks. Breaking tasks into small daily steps makes tasks doable. Doable tasks get finished, and finished tasks, even small steps, can bring a feeling of happiness.

Get outside. Take a breath of fresh air. Take a moment to look at the sky and appreciate what is around us. Just that moment with the greatness of nature can make problems seem small in comparison and let in rays of happiness.

Get enough sleep. It doesn't take as long as we might often think. A good eight hours of sound sleep refreshes us with new perspectives. This refreshment can bring happiness.

Do what we can. Focus on what we can do. We don't have to always be pushing like The Little Engine that Could focused on the pushing up the hill, but we can focus on the doable. Focusing on the part we will do now, today, and not the larger task of climbing to the top of the hill, helps us start it. When challenges loom so large and seem so impossible, there is always a bit, a piece, of that challenge that is doable.  Just the happiness of knowing we can do something, may roll into accomplishing the impossible.

Take a break. After completing a task, a break can renew energy for the next step. Without breaks, we may feel wrung out and unable to keep up. A short break can revitalize us physically and mentally making us happy with our progress.

Affirm our own unique qualities. Thinking of how we give to our families, on our jobs, and in the lives of our friends, reminds us they need us.  Knowing we are and do what no one else can, helps us value ourselves and be happy with ourselves. 

Stay within a realistic budget. Plan the budget to accurately account for where money is going each day. Knowing we have money for what we really want makes us happy.

Swing with what wasn't planned. Life swings a lot of unexpected things our way. Sometimes we just have to catch that swing and jump on instead of trying to stop it, fight it, or make it swing our way. Jumping on that swing going in an unexpected direction may give us the ride of our life and unimagined happiness.