Ding DongsCredit: Image by Larry D. Moore

Remember the little mini chocolate coated creme filled cakes that you hoped and prayed you would find in your lunch bag? Those hockey puck shaped mouth watering totally satisfying deserts with the funny name (Ding Dongs) that just put a smile on your face? For some, they may have been the ultimate munchie food, for curing the munchies. They were launched on March 18, 1967 after all. So, this makes them 44 years old in 2011- Happy birthday Ding Dongs.

They too have a bit of a history that isn’t just for the chiming bells that Hostess used in advertising commercials on TV. A similarly delicious treat existed as Ring Ding, by Drake’s Cakes, so Hostess called the Ding Dongs, Big Wheels, instead, to avoid confusion. That was on the East coast. Then, Drake’s company merged with Hostess’s parent company so the tasty munchie treat name was resolved. However that was short lived, because the merger broke up, so, the name Ding Dongs reigned in areas where Ring Ding also lived. Ring Ding and Ding Dong were compromised into the name of King Dons until another Hostess merger bought Drake’s. Now the product is called Ding Dongs in the United States, and remains King Dons in Canada. Go figure. All I can conclude is that it stemmed from the ‘60’s and that was a radical time so of course the continuing history had to be weird.

Ding Dongs are almost to the baby boomer status. That is if the commonly accepted baby boomer stats (1946 - 1964) are used. They have cult status in the ultimate treat with little to zero regret for a nutrition breakdown as far as guilt goes. Sure, people exclaim, “Oh, I just ate a box of Ding Dongs, I am sooooo guilty.” But they don’t really mean it.

I happened to mention Ding Dongs to my 30 year old daughter, and she got a wicked smile on her face and proceeded to tell me an interesting story of her recent Ding Dongs encounter. She works at a restaurant, and one night she and an owner decided to try creating a new desert. So, they made a trip to the grocery store, and bought Ding Dongs. Then they battered them (tempura) and deep fried them. Yuck, but fun trying. Not good, like deep fried cheesecake. I thought that was hysterical, and very apropro to the Ding Dongs cult status.

Hostess snacks are really popular, even in this frantic health conscious or at least trying to be known as healthily conscious behavior of hip people everywhere. Famous people (Kelly Clarkson for example) are rumored to love Ding Dongs. After all, there is a “Chocolate Flavored World in Every Bite.” That was a boast from the cartoon character that appeared in TV commercials in the ‘70’s (who was King Ding Dong).

Yes, if you want to actually destroy your Ding Dong experience by reading the nutrition facts for 2 cakes, you may really feel some guilt, but probably not.

  • Calories - 360    From Fat - 171
  • Total Fat - 19g   Saturated Fat - 12g
  • Total Carbs - 44g Dietary Fiber - 2g  Sugars -32g
  • Protein -3g
  • Vitamin A - 0
  • Vitamin C - 0
  • Cacium - 2%
  • Iron - 10%.

So, there you have it - Ding Dong nutrition.

Give yourself a treat. Go eat a Ding Dong - life is short.

photo credit - Image by Larry D. Moore, used under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ding_dongs.jpg