Easter is a time for everyone to celebrate.It is also a day that most children eagerly await

the arrival-of-the easter-bunny.We should also take this time to point out to them the reason behind this celebration.It is not just a time in which to enjoy all those goodies but a time of reflection.

 Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. According to the New Testament Jesus was arrested the night after the Passover meal. And then he was crucified the next day which was a Friday.He rose three days later on the Sunday which is the day we now celebrate with the arrival-of-the easter-bunny.




It can also be a time for creativity before Easter and how better to do this than being active by crocheting many beautiful crocheted Easter baskets.Or making Easter Bunnies and many other forms of Easter decorations and all these patterns are free on the Internet.



What better time to learn the art of crochet by making some of these wonderful and simple designs, it could also be a good chance for mothers to teach their children how to crochet.We need to keep this wonderful form of art living from generation to generation.



Here is a collection of Easter Basket pictures


There are also some cheeky little rabbits and critters










 These patterns are all free for you to make for yourself or to give away as gifts. So why-not get cracking and give crocheting a go, it could give you a lot of pleasure and be fun to make.


 why-not crochet these little baskets and sell them on EBay. There are other great crochet ideas for festive occasions there too. So why-not get with it and be ready to make money for Christmas too. Above all have fun.


Other things you can do to prepare for easter is dying easter eggs the natural way.  This is something that you can do with the children.