Hanukkah Stickers are Perfect for Children's Crafts

Children love stickers of any kind. When I taught public school, a sticker that I placed on a graded paper was immediately ripped off and put on the child's folder or name tag. When I would give my students a smelly or textured sticker on a paper, it was like I gave them a gold coin!

As a parent, I have also used stickers to motivate my children for a desired behavior. Like most parents, stickers are often used as a reward for potty training. I would give a small edible prize, like some chocolate, if my kids used the bathroom, and then put a sticker on his or her chart. A certain number of stickers earned them a bigger reward.

As a teacher, I love using stickers for crafts. First of all, they are fantastic for fine motor practice. When doing a Thanksgiving headband with my three year olds this week, I could tell how far along developmentally some of the children were. While some were sticking them on with ease, others struggled to bend and peel the backings off. They required my help to get them started, as they have not achieved this particular developmental milestone yet.

Stickers are also colorful. They add a touch of brightness to anything a child creates. The children free colored the white headbands, and then added turkeys, pilgrims and other themed stickers to make it more Thanksgiving like.

Happy Hanukkah Foam StickersCredit: www.amazon.com

This box of peel and stick foam shapes can be used for all kinds of crafts.


A Fun and Meaningful Mitzvah Project

Stickers, like these foam Hanukkah ones, can be used for all kinds of holiday crafts. Last year, I bought this set and my first grade students used them to decorate white paper gift bags for a mitzvah project we were doing. We were going to make a group donation to our local kosher food bank so that other Jewish families who could not afford to buy the ingredients to make potato latkes could make them at home.

As requested, the children brought in oil, potato latke mix and a jar of applesauce to Sunday School. They decorated the white bags for Hanukkah with these delightfully colorful and bright stickers, as well as their own original artwork.  

Then they used the same Hanukkah foam stickers to make cards to put inside the bag.

The next day, I took these Hanukkah gift bags to our local Jewish food bank to be handed out to those who came to the food pantry as a Hanukkah gift, because everyone needs to eat latkes for Hanukkah! It is a traditional food!  The personnel were delighted with the donation, as it was such a festive way to give tzedakah, which is charity.

Included in this set are Stars of David, dreidels, chanukiyot, and candles.  These are peel and stick, so not only do you not have to worry about the mess that glue can cause (have you ever seen a six year old use wet glue?), they are great for fine motor practice. 

Credit: www.amazon.com

This box of aleph bet peel and stick shapes can be used with the Hanukkah ones to creat special cardss.

This was an easy project for my first graders to complete, and it is something we will be doing again each holiday season.

Other Kinds of Jewish Holiday Stickers

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This set of Hanukkah stickers comes with many bright and colorful designs to decorate anything your children create.