A happy single awareness day can seem like a sarcastic oxymoron. Valentine's Day can seem like the worst day of the year if you are alone. Here is how to have a fantastic day & make everyone envy your relationship status.

Dress the part. It's easy to feel sorry for yourself dressed in your ex boyfriends sweat shirt. Choose an outfit that you feel confidant in. Look so good that everyone will just assume that you chose to be single instead of feeling sorry for you.

Splurge. You would have spent money on a new outfit & a gift for a significant other on Valentine's Day. Take that amount & buy yourself a right hand ring or something you really want.

Make other people smile. Visit a nursing home & pass out flowers or candy. This can take your mind off of your own troubles & it will also help you see that you have an important place in the world. Just check with the staff ahead of time to make sure that you bring approved gifts.

Go out. People will be asking you all day what you are doing that evening. Many radio stations & clubs throw events for single people to meet each other on Valentine's Day. Schedule things with your single friends. Just have a back up plan in case they all start dating someone at the last minute.

Try new things. Give that online dating site that you've been looking at a shot. If you are feeling lonely, so are other people. Just don't make any impulsive moves just because it's Valentine's.

This too shall pass. Valentine's one day a year. It will all be over tomorrow. Instead of envying the relationships of people around you, find the things about your life that you really like such as your freedom to travel.

Even if you feel lonely, avoid thinking that you need to call an ex. This can hurt more in the long run & can be embarrassing. Wait for a few days to go by to see how you feel.

There's strength in numbers. Sure you don't want to be a third or fifth wheel. Instead, gather all your singles friends together for a movie night or cook a big dinner together. Just because you are single doesn't mean that you have to be alone.

With a little planning and a few new ideas you can have a happy single awareness day without all of the usual loneliness of Valentine's Day.