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"A Woman is like an artichoke, you must work hard to get to her heart" - Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers). It's clear the famous inspector from the Pink Panther movies knew what he was talking about but you don’t have to work hard just to get a woman, you must work hard to keep her!

The saying goes "Happy wife, happy life," and many have found that to be true. When a woman is happy with herself, her spouse, and basically her life, she tends to make those around her happy too. Savvy men know that keeping their wives happy means they will be happy too.

Happy Wife, Happy Life: Tips for Keeping Your Gal Happy

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Listen to Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul would not lie. Always treat your wife with respect whether she is around or not. That means don't flirt with other women or do something your wife would disapprove of just because she’s not with you. When she is around, treat her with the utmost respect. Even when you are having a disagreement, stick to the issues and do not call her names or say any derogatory things to hurt her.  When she gives you her opinion on something, show her that you respect that opinion by listening to her and never put her down for her thoughts just because they are not the same as yours. Lastly, do not compare her to other women, you wouldn’t like it if she compared you to other men.

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Be a Kinder and Gentler Husband

Be kind to your better-half and try to find the good in the things that she does. Instead of pointing out what needs to be done, try praising her for the things she has accomplished. If your wife has been home with the kids all day and the housework has been neglected or the dinner hasn’t been made, or both, instead of pointing out the negatives, tell her you appreciate how hard she works and that being a mom to your children is the number one most important job she has and no one can do it better than her. Then order a pizza and help her do a load of laundry after the kids are asleep.

Listen to Her

When your gal wants to talk, listen to her without interruption. Let her speak and don't judge her ideas or opinions. If she wants your opinion, she will ask you. But sometimes she just wants to talk to get things off her chest. Also, when your woman is talking do not tune her out, listen. Don't look at your phone or the television while she is talking. Nothing is more irritating than talking to someone who is not paying attention. It often makes someone feel like they are not important to the person they are speaking with.

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You Are Not The Family Problem Solver

When your woman has an issue that she wants to talk about, unless she specifically asks you for advice or for your opinion, don't try to fix her problem, just listen. Most of the time a person will feel much better about an issue just by talking about it. She does not want to hear how you would handle her problem at work, sometimes she just wants to vent. Listen, give her time to work out her problems, and if she comes to you again asking for advice, that's the time to try and help her out.


Give her some space and alone or friend time once in a while. Just like you enjoy being with the boys, sometimes she also enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends. It's important to do things together but it is also important to have separate interests and hobbies. If you enjoy golf and she enjoys coffee with the girls, you can have those separate interests but make sure you spend quality time together doing things you both enjoy. Things like going to the movies, concerts, dinner and dancing are all great activities couples can share.

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Be the Chef and Housekeeper Sometimes

Give your spouse a break once in awhile and cook a meal (don't forget to clean-up the kitchen after the meal) and clean the house. Cooking and cleaning should be considered a unisex chore and not something that only women do.

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Change is Not Always Good

Accept your spouse and don't try to change her. If she's unhappy with herself, let her make-up her mind to change. No amount of nagging or arguing will make someone change, it only makes them upset which in turn does more harm than good. On the other hand, when a woman is unhappy with something in her life and she feels like her husband is supporting her instead of putting her down, she will be more apt to do something about it.

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Show the Love

It's always nice to tell your woman how you feel about her but it's even better when you show her. Do things that make her feel special. Hold her hand in public, give her a complement, take her to her favorite place and tell her how much you love her, whatever it is your wife enjoys, do it. Showing your spouse how much you love her doesn't have to be expensive, you could write a poem or a letter, or give her a massage (without expecting anything in return). Find out what your gal enjoys and then be creative and show her the love.

Show Your Support

Always support your spouse and take her side when she has an issue with others. Never support the opinions of another woman over your wife's. You are a team and you must be there for each other and support each other. If you think your wife is wrong do not say that in front of anyone, share your opinion when you and your wife are alone. But always tell her that you will support her no matter what.

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What About Me?!

If you're thinking to yourself, why should I do all this for my wife, what is she going to do for me? Remember the saying "Happy wife, happy life." You will reap the rewards of having a happy wife and you will be happy too!

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