For as long as I can remember my mother has had lard hard bumps on her scalp. Not just one or two but at least twelve. I used to run my hand over her head when I was younger and it honestly felt like little hills coming out of her scalp. She isn't the type to freak out or get things like that checked out, so for te longest time she just let them be. Other family members have had the same issues and nothing ever came of them.

Finally my mom went to the doctor, when she was in her fifties, and had him take a look at them. That doctor, she said, called them Wynns, though I am not sure of the spelling or the title. I have looked for information on them elsewhere and could not find anything by that name.

The doctor told her that they were nothing to be worried about and that they were just sacs of oil and other bodily fluid that just get trapped. There was nothing that she could do about them except get the removed. She had a few done but has not had any removed for some time. She is now in her sixties and is having the rest taken out.

Do not try and remove the bumps yourself. I know that this sounds just horrible but some of you have probably thought about it. My aunt tried to drain the sac herself with a sterilized needle. It drained but it caused an infection in her face that made her look just terrible for days. Her doctor informed her that if the infection had gone into her bran instead of in her face she would be dead.

Even though it is not harmful to a person to have these bumps, it can cause for some embarrassment and can also just be gross. The bumps can open up and the puss and oil can sometimes leak out onto your head, sometimes it can be quite messy. For those with insurance that will cover it the best thing to do would be to just get them removed, though some doctors, like one of my mothers, think that it is unecessary.