Hard Candy Promo Poster


Lots of suspense
Good Acting
Great character development


Limited Set
Some points drag on a bit

Full Review

After reading Spyrock's 10 most disturbing movies, I decided I'd check a couple of them out to see how disturbing they really were.

So yesterday I grabbed a copy of Hard Candy starring a young Ellen Page and decided to spend the evening watching it on my big screen TV.

The movie is about an angry teen looking to seek vegeance on a peddofile. This goes far and beyond your typical teen empowerment movie with moments so intense you actually find yourself feeling bad for the peddofile.

Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good. The whole premise of Hard Candy is very disturbing but only one scene really made me cringe. The story as a whole takes place at a pretty limited set, which actually suits the movie well. While there are a few other actors who actually speak in the movie, the time spent listening to the conversations between the antagonist and protagonist allows you as a viewer to really develop an emotional connection to both actors. There are many points of anxiety and anticipation in the movie which helps to keep you on your toes.

If the pedofile in the movie happened to be an innocent person, this movie would have felt a lot more sadistic. Due to the fact he is/was a peddofile you feel a lot less bad for him than you should. Due to the sadistic nature of some of the events in Hard Candy, sympathy bounces between both the good guy and the bad guy.

In Closing

This movie is definitely unique and is quite well done for what it is. Even though there is no visuals of anything gruesome, I would reccomend this to people who aren't very squeemish.  If you want to find out about other thrillers, i'd recommend using a movie recommender such as ApeFlix.

Overall, I thought the movie was just shy of an 8/10