Portable and yet sturdy enough for year to year use, the hard plastic kiddie pool will keep the kids cool this summer.

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If you are not one for inflatable kids swimming pools, where you have to first of all source an air pump, unless you feel like using your own hot air, then considering a plastic kiddie pool is another alternative.

These are usually a simple round design, but with hard sides, and yet easy to just roll up when you are finished with it.  Just make sure that you let it dry out completely before rolling it up and away for the season.

These are tough and can take a few kids playing in them, but if you still have one around when the kids grow out of it, don’t forget about Rover!

This style also makes a great cool down for your dog.  No worries about puncturing blow up pools, and they just love to lay in it in their yard on a hot summer’s day.

You can also put a cover over this to protect the water you have put in it, from night time bugs, so that you are not having to empty it every day or pick out dead bugs.

You can get hard fiberglass pools as well, but the only problem with them is storage.  They were very popular for a time, but unless you have a large shed or garage where it can stay for the winter they are not very practical.

But many people like the idea of a hard sided one, since it can take a beating, and even if you don’t want Rover to jump in, it wouldn’t take much to puncture an inflatable if you do have a pet, such as a dog or a cat.

If your pets like to play out in the yard with you and the kids, then you might want to consider this type this year, but with the portability of being able to roll it up and store it away for the season without taking up much room.

This way when the pets are outside, and the kids have their toys outside as well, there is no danger of the pool being punctured or damaged.

You can still get these at some pool supply stores, department stores, larger toy stores and many garden centers as well as discount department stores, but you can also find a good supply of them online at such sites as Amazon.

Shopping online for one will save you time and you will find a large variety of these types to choose from and get a good idea of prices.

So, if you feel an inflatable one for kids might be a bit too delicate for your crowd or you have pets that will likely jump in and out of the water with the kids, or you are looking for a small one for the dog to cool off in, then consider getting a hard plastic kiddie pool this year and get a whole season out of it and beyond.