Everyone goes an extra mile to prepare for a job interview. Here are a few hard questions that interviewers often ask. At least every interviewer asks them so be on your guard and ready to answer them brilliantly.

What's your background; you might ask yourself, why would the interviewer ask this question especially if I took the time and wrote a resume or CV and included all these. Ideally, interviewers are supposed to read through these resumes or CV’s and know the person they are going to interview. However, there may be many applicants for the job and work to do for them other than interview you. Chances are that they may fail to read through every resume. Asking you this question might show unseriousness on the side of the interviewer but it is in your place for you to answer it rightly. Be precise and only speak what is important. Leave out irrelevant things that do not relate to the job vacancy.

What is your biggest weakness; it is one thing to answer and know your strengths and it is another to know and take pride in your weaknesses too. Ideally, the question is supposed to help see how the interviewee presents himself. Be careful what weaknesses you bring to light but be willing to provide solutions. For example, if your biggest weakness is failure to work under pressure, offer a solution which probably suggests that you do everything on time and should you faced with pressure, you are willing to learn to deal with it. It will show maturity and willingness to work for the company.

What's your past salary; there is a chance that you are being taken from your job and they might offer you probably a better job. With this in mind, chances are that the interviewer wants to counter offer your salary. However, there is also another reason they might ask this question, it might be because the interviewer wants to see if what they have is good enough to keep you. Even though you are not working at that point, revealing your previous salaries will put you into perspective in the eyes of the interviewer.

Do you think you can handle this workload; it is a simple question that requires a simple answer, yes or no. you could decide to go ahead and inform the interviewer how you are planning on achieving this.

If I offered you the job, would you accept it; obviously since you applied in the first place, you wanted the job, right so, it is not that hard to answer, even though it looks corny.

What does your husband do; this question falls under the category of personal questions set to reveal if you fit into their kind of employee or not. You might also be asked "What church do you go to?" or "Do you have kids?" If you for example applied into a Christian organization, your religious beliefs will be questioned which is quite logical.

They might seem common place, nonsensical even, but it is in your place to answer them right so, make sure you do.