Sometimes it is necessary to hard reset Blackberry 8520 devices. The Blackberry 8520 phone – like other blackberry devices – tends to be prone to technical malfunctions and Blackberry error codes. If you are interested in selling used Blackberry phones in the future, then you will have to hard reset Blackberry 8520 phone devices before doing so because you do not want another person to have access to sensitive information. 

The Blackberry Curve 8520 was released in 2009 for T-Mobile, but it can also be purchased “unlocked” via money online retailers. The same rules apply if you are planning to hard reset Blackberry 8520 phones that are locked or unlocked.

Before You Decide to Hard Reset Blackberry 8520, Backup the Phone:  Open the “Blackberry Desktop Program” on your computer. Once you connect your phone to your computer via USB, the program will automatically synchronize appointments and calendar notifications. To synchronize a Blackberry 8520 phone is up to you – it is not an essentially part of the back up process. Select “Backup and Restore” then “Advanced" to customize the type of information that you want to backup. Click on “Close” then “Yes” to save any changes. Disconnect the phone. You are now ready to hard reset the phone.

How to Hard Reset Blackberry Curve 8520

  1. Power on the phone. Go to “Options” from inside the “Settings” icon. The icon will typically be in your home screen.
  2. Go to “Security Options” and “General Settings.” Click on the menu button on your keyboard.
  3. Select “Wipe Handheld” and check the “Include Third Party Applications” to remove any applications. It is recommended to remove any applications if you are planning to sell the phone to anyone. Select “Continue”.
  4. Blackberry 8520 hard reset code: To hard reset the Blackberry 8520 phone, you will have to input the reset code. The code is simply: “Blackberry”.
  5. Allow the phone to finish. Once you have started the resetting process, you cannot stop it. The process can take a few minutes, up to an hour. Congrats, you've completed the procedures to hard reset the Blackberry 8520 phone.