There is no questioning it, water is essential for life.  Not only does it make up over 65% of the worlds surface it also makes up 80% of our bodies.  Water will probably not be so enjoyable if your place of living suffers from hard water.  

Hard water is caused by an excess amount of minerals becoming dissolved in the water.  This causes the water to have a hard feeling to it.  Hard water damage gets caused by these minerals within the water.  If you have to deal with this problem its not the end of the world their are many different ways to deal with the issue.  

Another major issue with hard water is that your soap will not be as effective.  This may not seem like a big deal, until you look at how much soap coasts.  If you have to use twice as much soap to wash your clothes, or hands, or hair you will incur a lot of unnecessary costs.  

To solve the problem of hard water damage you have many options.  One of the best of them is to get a water softener.  While this may not make the water more drinkable it will make the water soft and allow you to use less soap.  It will also keep the hard water from damaging your home.  

Technology has come a long way and now you can even get a magnetic water softener.  This form of hard water removal works just like you think.  The water passes over the magnet and the minerals are extracted by the magnet.  This is a great solution for large companies.  

Hard water damage can manifest in a few ways.  It can cause your skin to dry out really bad.  Hard water can also damage your pipes.  The minerals that are in the water can build up to the point where they clog the pips or severely slow the flow.  

Another way hard water causes damage is that it can cause some really gross stains.  These stains look a lot like rust.  You will see them near drains in your sinks and tubs.  If you have a sprinkler system not only could the sprinklers become clogged because of the minerals but if the sprinkler hit the side of the house you will get stains.  These stains probably wont ruin the structure of your house, but they are an eye sore.  

If you have stains caused by hard water there are a lot of commercial products that can help you remove it.  These commercial products are quite potent so be careful when using them.  If you want to take a more natural approach to removing the stains you can use lemon juice.  This may take a lot more elbow grease but its a much safer alternative to chemicals.

If you deal with a bad case of hard water damage it is not something to panic about because it can be solved!  Their are many different types of water softeners available to consumers.  If you deal with stains caused by hard water you have lots of options to clean it up.  Hard water may cause damage but it can be fixed.