Hard work or smart work - which is the key to success?

Success means different things to different people around the world today. While some people equate success with amassing material wealth, others feel that real success is a measure of something more substantial than secular careers and material wealth. It reflects the whole of a person, including his principles and purpose in life.

Whatever your view of success, one thing is certain; everybody wants to be successful. The question is what does one have to do to attain success? From a very tender age, we’ve been told that hard work begets success. There is however a new school of thought which is of the opinion that smart work, not hard work, is the key to success in life.


An old adage says hard-work begets success, but does it really? True the world is filled with a lot of hardworking successful individuals, who have toiled very hard to arrive at where they are today, but at the same time the world is also filled with a lot of hardworking people who are still poor and unfulfilled. These people toil with diligence and perseverance from day to day, but have nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, there are others who do little or nothing but end up amassing wealth and personal fulfilment. How? These set of people of people know when, how, what, and where to do the things they do. They are smart workers.

The real key to success is not just to work hard, but it is a combination of hard work and smart work. You must be able to develop your power of reasoning. Smart working entails being creative, making the right decisions, and drawing inspiration from things around you. A smart worker has a great deal of information at his finger tips. He uses the information he gathers to improve on how he does his work. The difference between the successful man and the ordinary man is that the successful man is more informed than the ordinary man, and he works hard with the information he has towards being successful. A successful man works hard at being smart.