Hardcover Laptop Case That Looks Like a Book:

Twelve South BookBook

Laptop Case That Looks LIke a BookCredit: http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/

If you're the owner of a macbook or any other kind of newer laptop, you're probably doing your best to keep it clean, safe and in one piece if possible. The Macbook Pro has a glass screen and is breakable, so a hardcover laptop case is an essential thing. This is a great opportunity to accessorize and really stand out, so seize the day!

The coolest way to tote your computer is to put it in a shiny new hardcover laptop case that looks like a book! The TwelveSouth BookBook is a clever new design of macbook cases that will fit your computer perfectly, keep it safe from harm and breakage, and looks really cool all at the same time.

Let's take a quick look at this laptop case that looks like a book!

Laptop Case That Looks Like a Book:

BookBook Features and Notables

Laptop Case That Looks LIke a Book: BookBookCredit: http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/

Not only is the BookBook a laptop case that looks like a book, it's a practical one at that! The case consists of a hard outer shell that zips together along where the 'pages' would meet. It's designed specifically for the Macbook, but it could probably fit with other laptops of a similar size, depth and width. There is a 13 and a 15 inch version available for sale, and they are handmade and of very high quality.

The interior is a cushioned velvet padding, which keeps your computer safe from bumps and thumps and also helps avoid scratching or marring. The exterior has an antique leather look, with red and brown highlights. It's actually quite convincing in person, and a blogger pointed out that it's a reasonably effective anti-theft device too: if a thief doesn't know what's in the case, why would they steal a big old book?

There are other fit and finish touches that are quite nice too. There are elastic holders inside the case that hold your Macbook in place while you type and use it, so you can effectively work on your computer right out of the 'book'. It doesn't have any handles (which would ruin the 'book' look) so consider this case a sleeve, not shoulder bag.

TwelveSouth BookBook: Handmade and Decently Priced

BookBook Laptop Case That Looks Like a Book

The neat thing about the TwelveSouth BookBook is the fact that they are made by hand from real leather. This means that no two items are exactly alike, and they'll stand up to time and wear in a unique way. 

They are priced reasonably too, with the 13 inch version for sale for about $80 and the 15 inch one running around $100, with free shipping within the United States. 

If you're looking for a laptop case that looks like a book (and of course you were, weren't you?), this is a nice product.