Child birth and child rearing is supposed to be a joyous moment for all involved. At times these joyous moments never transpire because it just never happened. The life and the joy were cut short right from the beginning. There have been a lot of political debates about abortion. Those who are pro-life protest and defend their point of view. The others who are pro-choice argue about the need to be able to decide what to do. It begs the question, whose life is it anyway? Is it a choice the mother has to make or has it got something to do with the right of the unborn child? The first question, whose life is it anyway is a little complex? You have two lives intertwined and the baby unfortunately cannot make the decision. The mother has the right over what happens to her and her body. Does that give her the right to take the life of an unborn child? The quick answer to that will be a resounding No! That is obviously simplifying a complex issue. The unborn child will obviously choose life. That is what living is about, life. To truly answer this question, you will need to look at extenuating circumstances. Why do people choose to abort? To make it really clear, there is no reason on earth why anyone should abort a child. What are some of the reasons given by those who chose to abort? They would say a woman has the right to abort if she becomes pregnant after a rape. Others would say that giving birth to a disabled child is not a loving thing to do. Still some have opted to abort because it was an unplanned pregnancy. No matter what your reasons are. It is just not something to do. Does that sound judgmental? Maybe, but you will need to analyze the reasons given to understand why it should not be done.

Rape: This is an evil thing that could happen to anyone either female or male. Yes men do get rape too. Popular belief would have us believe that only women are victims or rape. The reality is of course different. Men don't get pregnant and that is the issue we are dealing with at the moment. So ,should rape justify an abortion? To understand this, you would need to ask yourself the question: does two wrongs make a right? Definitely not! Rape is an awful thing but abortion is nonetheless evil. Abortion in other words is taking a life. It equates to killing an unborn child. It means murder. Does that sound harsh? The reality of taking a life is a harsh one. The fact that it might be a fetus does not make it any less gruesome. If you want to know the details of what abortion really is, you need to read up about the process and what happens to the fetus. Here is an extract of what abortion is. "Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo, resulting in or caused by its death". - wikipedia

It is not your fault that you were raped. You cannot be blame for it and no one should try to do so. It is not the child's fault that it has started a new life. You didn't make the decision to be raped but abortion is not the same thing. You have to make that call and that is where the issue lies. That is where the problem about "two wrongs" come into play. The person who raped you probably killed you emotionally, but what are you about to do to the unborn child?

Unwanted Pregnancy: You can't afford to have a child at this time in your life. You already have children that you can't afford to feed. You are too young to take on the responsibility. Would it be easy to say, you should have thought about that before you spread your wings? Yes! It doesn't change the situation that you are now pregnant and have to deal with a difficult situation. Is it the shame of a teenage pregnancy that is motivating your decision? You never thought it could happen to you. It has, you still have to deal with it. A child doesn't fit into your plan and your future career. You might have to decide about ending someone's life just so you could continue leading your life. Is that the best you can do? We should not be side tracked by associating abortion to a medical procedure. It is taking away a life. One would think with all the precautions that are now available; we could have eradicated unwanted pregnancies. Yes accident can happen and they do happen. Accidents don't justify abortion not matter how you look at it.

Disabled Child: If a medical scan shows that a child would be disabled, is that a reason to opt for an abortion? Will that imply that if the law allows parents of disabled children to end their disabled children's life that they would oblige? Would you kill your 5 year old disabled child if the law allows it? It might be an unthinkable thing to do for many loving parents but that is exactly what abortion is. An unborn fetus or whatever you want to call it is still a child. That fact that you don't have a name, clothes, toys, etc. does not erase the fact that you are dealing with a child.

Those who have had to make the decision to abort have said it was the hardest decision in their lives. The questions you need to ask are: are there other options apart from having an abortion? How many women still regret having had an abortion? That feeling of guilt will stay with you till the end. Some women have chosen to give the child up for adoption. That is at least given him a chance to live and decide what he wants to do with his life. Abortion is a dilemma that leaves no emotional stone unturned.