If you are doing some renovations or just wanting to spruce up your home, and your hardwood floor is looking a little worn out, there are some options.

You could replace them, or sand them down and refinish them, buy a big area rug, or your could do what we did...

We are presently renovating a 38 year old house, and the living room is a hardwood floor. In those 38 years, I don't think this floor has ever had any attention. The varnish was worn off, and there were a few chips and dents from furniture, and many scratches etc.

But our budget could not afford the $3.00 per square foot we were quoted to have it professionally sanded, stained and varnished. So, while in a local home improvement store, we just happened to notice a "hardwood floor renewal kit" for $79.00, and it advertised "no sanding".

Hardwood Floor BEFORE

We read the brochure on it, and thought it would be worth a try. The kit contained a mild abrasive cleaner, that cleans off the old varnish, and any bedded in dirt. (We took the time to lightly sand or scrub off any paint drips or obvious stains that could be removed before hand)

Hardwood Floor Renewal KitCredit: Amazon.com

Rust-Oleum Varathane 242008 Renewal No-Sanding Floor Refinishing Kit, Semi-Gloss

Once we had used the abrasive cleaner, we then were instructed to wash the floor with a mop.

Once it was dry, then you use the mop head that comes with the kit, to put on the varnish. They recommend two coats 2 hours apart.

We were amazed. We thought for sure that the floor finish would look mottled, as there was areas that the varnish had protected and others that looked a bit gray, but it all looked good when it was done.

This is a good system, especially if you are going for the natural color of your hardwood. I could not believe how well it worked. This saved us a lot of money, and the labor was an afternoon.Hardwood Floors After Renewal

They recommend that you not walk on it for 12 hours, and light traffic in 24 hours, but any heavy furniture or rugs, not for 7 days. But I would think that would be normal even if you had your floors done professionally.

Sometimes you have to allocate your budget to the more important items. We put ours in the kitchen and bathroom, so we had to get creative with any other work that needed doing. But this hardwood floor renewal kit, was well worth it.  If you like to shop online then you can get it at Amazon.


Even if your floors have dents and bumps in them, just having a good gloss finish on it adds to the look, especially if your home is older and you are not going for perfect but nice!

So, next time you are in your local home improvement store, and you are looking at the new hardwood floors, or other flooring, and trying to figure out if you can afford it, take a second look at this product and see if you can save your floors and your wallet!

You can shop for this product online too at sites such as Amazon.  You will quite often get a better deal.