Harley Davidson Duo-Glide

Where I live might as well be called Harley country. A lot of people here own a Harley and Saturday is often deemed group riding day. Guess who doesn’t have a clue as how to drive one. Me! How much longer is this going to last? Not long. All my life I have been holding on behind someone trying to have complete faith in their ability to drive. I can ride a bicycle with ease, but I am only 5 foot tall. I never dreamed that I was tall enough to handle a motorcycle until recently. I saw a special on TV and realized that the woman that owns and runs a custom motorcycle shop in Florida was only 5 foot too. So I am off to knock another number off my bucket list.

Upon completion of the coarse you will receive a MSF Basic Rider Coarse Completion Card. Depending on what state that your in, this may prevent you from having to do the road test when testing for your motorcycle license. It may also lower your motorcycle insurance. Wherever you take your coarse, they should be able to tell you if this applies. As for me, I am signing up. I already have my eye set on a 2011 sleek black Super Flow. If you have a bike let me know about your experience the first time you decided to ride. Any pointers would be helpful.

Harley Fest (35437)After doing some investigating, I found out that Harley Davidson offers a New Riders Course known as H-D Riders Edge Academia of Motorcycling. This is only offered at select dealerships so you will have to go online and do a location search for a list of class schedules. But for less that $300.00, you can get in 25 hours of expert guidance from certified H-D instructors. You receive 4 days of instruction which consist of classroom time and practice range time. They provide you with a motorcycle that they feel is right for you to train with. In the classroom you will learn all about your bike and all of the safety skill that you will need. After completing this portion of the instruction, you will get to hit the practice range. On the range you will learn about braking and turning as well as controlling skids. They will teach you how to properly maneuver the bike and how to avoid and deal with obstacles.

 AHarley Weekll you will need is to bring the proper gear. You must be able to ride a bicycle and have a drivers license or a learners permit. You will also need long sleeves and a Jacket, riding gloves and pants that cover your shoes. Your shoes need to cover your ankles. Most of all bring your spirit of adventure and your enthusiasm of what the Harley culture represents.