Harley Davidson has many motorcycles available. Many of there motorcycle models have been around for awhile but Harley Davidson has introduced a few new motorcycle models for 2010 including the CVO Softail Convertible

The CVO Softail Convertible is new for 2010. The Harley Davidson CVO Softail Convertible is designed for any type of road biking you prefer. If you want to ride to the coffee shop or ride across country to Las Vegas the CVO Softail Convertible is more than able to. The CVO Softail Convertible has the Screamin' Eagle 110 engine. The CVO Softail Convertible has many feature comforts.

The CVO Softail Convertible retail cost begins at $27.999. The CVO Softail Convertible comes with a detachable fairing that can easily be removed if you want to go cruising your town in style. If you are going on a longer motorcycle jaunt then you can easily re install the small fairing. The passenger seat is also easily removed from the motorcycle if you want solo style on your motorcycle.

With the Harley Davidson CVO Softail Convertible you can easily alter your bike by adding or removing CVO Softail Convertiblethe fairing and passenger seat as well as the saddle bags. The disappointment with the Harley Davidson CVO Softail Convertible is it does not have an auto retractable windshield. A windshield that would retract with the push of a button would of gave this motorcycle a lot more function that would have blended nicely with the other easy on easy off features. In fact none of Harley Davidson motorcycles come with an electronic auto retractable windshield. This feature allows you to cruise around with out one and when conditions demand a windshield such as highway riding then you push a button and in less than a minute you windshield is back in place. Victory motorcycles have this auto retractable feature and it is convenient.

For the price you pay for the CVO Softail Convertible you would get more features with a Victory motorcycle and pay a lot less. If you want a Harley Davidson brand because it is considered cool then go ahead. If you want an American made motorcycle that will give you more for your money than go test ride a Victory motorcycle.

The Harley Davidson CVO Softail Convertible is one nice looking bike. The CVO Softail Convertible has the look of the modern American style cruiser. The CVO Softail Convertible has more than enough power regardless of the situations you may ride in.

If you want a motorcycle that can ride across the country comfortably as easily as you can cruise in town then consider the CVO Softail Convertible if money is not an object.