"Oh It's Harley Wannabe" he said to the young guy who just bought a Yamaha V-Star cruiser. "Nope" replied the guy, "Its a classic cruiser created by the American People that Harley Copied".

When a large group of people start customizing their mot0rcycles in a certain way then Harley Davidson has historically followed with a bike that is similar in design. After this many years Harley Davidson gets credit for all cruiser looking motorcycles. It's stupid. Now these Harley Riders think that every cruiser made is either a "Harley Wannabe" or they criticize the other companies because "It does not look like a traditional cruiser". Pick one buddies. Harley riders even criticize the Hayabusa sport bikes and think they can out run them. Yeah Right!

Harley Davidson UniformWhile Harley Davidson riders may be loyal to Harley Davidson for many reasons it basically boils down to peer pressure. Young riders feel no peer pressure to have to ride and dress like the Harley Davidson culture says.

A young guy with a Victory motorcycle or one from any of the Japanese companies will happily go to Sturgis if they choose too. They will just smile as many of the Harley Davidson riders mock him for riding a Victory. Some of the really NaiveHarley Davidson riders will mock him or her for riding a "Jap Bike" even though the Victory motorcycles are made in America same as the Harley Davidsons.

I get sick of hearing Harley Davidson riders talk about how Victory Motorcycles are "Harley Wannabes". I get sick of the stupid leather chaps. Yes there is a need for leather when riding you motorcycles but when you put on your leathers and your dumb "Harley Davidson outfit" and ride 1/4 mile on your motorcle to the bar you DO NOT NEED YOU LEATHERS ON. You and your friends may think your cool but your sub culture to us younger people makes YOU look stupid.

If you are riding a distance and wind up at a bar and have your leathers on then that is OK. But when you put on your leather chaps to ride 1/4 to the bar that makes you look stupid. You may think you look cool but to us that are 35 and younger you look Stupid.

All of the motorcycle companies produce motorcycles that people want to buy except for Harley Davidson. Yes, many of their motorcycles are bikes that people want to buy but the variety you can get at a Kawasaki or Yamaha shop can not be matched. I can purchase a sport bike unlike at a Harley Davidson since they dropped there Buell line of bikes. I can also buy a full size V-Twin that is made just as well as A Harley Davidson and sometimes better but he difference is price. I can purchase a full size V-Twin for a lot less money at a Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki dealership then I can at a Harley Davidson dealer. Of course my gas tank will not say Harley Davidson and I will get sneers from some of the Harley Davidson riders but who cares? They are bowing down to marketing hype and peer pressure, not me.

I may buy a Harley Davidson this summer, I may easily buy a different brand of motorcycle. Either way, I will never try to be a pretender and wear leather chaps when I ride to the corner bar. Image Credit: (Flickr/iwona kellie)