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I was looking for a gift for my friend, who is a die hard Harley Davidson fan. I recall that she mentioned that she wanted a Harley Davidson leather jacket, but I wasn't sure if I had enough money to buy one for her. When I say die hard Harley fan, I mean it. She has Harley Davidson coasters, Harley Davidson tee shirts, she even has Harley Davidson pet accessories, including a cute little orange and black dog bandana that she picked up at Petco. Personally, I think it's a bit odd to dress your pet in leather, but to each his own. The only thing she was missing was a Harley Davidson leather Jacket. She also has a few pairs of Harley Davidson underwear (which I admit are kind of cute) and Harley Davidson drink ware. I have used these Harley glasses at her house a few times, and they do appear stout and of high quality. They don't do too much to improve her decor, though. It looks like she has received quite a few cool Harley Davidson gifts in the past and her collection was constantly expanding.

Apparently, it was my job to add to this ever growing collection. Anyway, I looked online for a nice jacket for her and found that there was a huge difference between a Harley Davidson jacket and a regular leather jacket. I didn't know; I had always assumed that all bikers wear some type of leather and that it didn't really matter. Boy was I wrong about that one! Most of these leather jackets came in black and had big zippers. They were also decorated with plenty of zippers, which made them look a bit more metallic than I would have liked, but I think that's just part of the look. I can tell you that this biker apparel look is about as far away from my own personal style as you can get, but then again, I'm not buying the leather jacket for me.

Imitation Harley Davidson Apparel or Genuine Harley Davidson Clothing?

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I will anyway. I started looking up imitation Harley Davidson clothing. It's not because I'm cheap, because I'm not- but I was looking to cut costs. Saving money is important to me, especially in this ailing economy. Most of the knock off jackets that I saw looked exactly like the real deal but for a much lower price. It had the Harley Davidson logo, leather and crazy zippers but for a fraction of the cost. I decided to read a few reviews on the Harley stuff, and found that the imitation junk got really bad reviews. Like, so bad that the jackets would fall apart after just a few good uses. This told me that even if I was able to successfully pass a knock off Harley jacket to my friend, she'd probably figure out that it wasn't a genuine Harley Davidson while riding and it started falling off of her in pieces. At the end of her ride, she's probably look like she got into a fight with a lawnmower and lost!

I grudgingly chose to get a genuine Harley jacket, and boy did I pay the price for it. They're definitely not cheap! I almost bought a nice Harley Davidson Jacket Leather Distressed, but couldn't bring myself to pay more money for something that looks like it's been worn for years by someone else. (Yes, I know, it's the style, right?) Anyway, I finally settled on a traditional looking Leather Harley Jacket for just under $400, after shipping. It looked really good- just like the ones you see in the movies when the group of biker guys ride away into the sunset. It took almost a week to arrive, and when it finally did, it was hard to resist the urge to try it on just for a minute. I didn't, and wrapped it up instead.

The gift will be given to my friend next week at her big 40th birthday bash. I hope she loves it, and makes good use out of it. I think all we have to do now is get her a real Harley Davidson motorcycle as a gift, and she will be all set!

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