Tire Condition

  • You need to carefully check your tires from time to time to ensure that it is not worn out beyond its limits and still have even tread wear. Check the bars in the grooved section of the tread to determine if the tire is nearing the end of its life. It is not safe to ride a worn out tire since over time tire will not be able to channel water properly and tend to puncture easier. You should also look out for any cracks, which indicates the sidewalls dried out. You should not ride your tire if it is already in this condition. 

Tire Inflation

  • This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the proper maintenance of your Harley Davidson. It is but normal to gradually lose air over time so you need to check its pressure on a regular basis. If you ride with an under-inflated tire, it will result to abnormal wear and tear of the tire. This can adversely impact the bike’s handling and cause heat building, which ultimately leads to tire failure.

Valve Stems

  • This is one aspect that is often overlooked by riders. Make sure you keep the valve covered with a cap and check for any signs of cracking on its rubber stems. 

Battery Cables

  • Due to the constant vibration as well as the expansion and contraction of the terminals, cables tend to loosen. When this happens, your battery can possibly die on you and leave you stranded. Keep in mind that when tightening the positive terminal, avoid touching the frame of the motorcycle. The detailed instruction on proper handling is included in your manual. 


  • Your rotors should consistently have a smooth and clean surface. Check for any signs of discolorations on areas where it comes in constant contact with the brake pads. On the other hand, the brake pad should be thick enough, or 1/16”. Refer to your manual for the exact specifications for your bike’s mode.

Spoked Wheels

  • Over time, spokes can gradually loosen up due to a number of contributing factors.  Make sure to carefully check them from time to time, by carefully dragging a screwdriver’s tip over each on and listen on the sound they make.

Check Your Oil

  • One of the most important bike maintenance is regular checkup of the oil, as this is not only responsible for proper lubrication, it also helps keep your bike’s engine cool. Different models of Harley Davidson feature various types of oil dipsticks so make sure to check your manual.

Preventive Maintenance

Harley Davidsons

With proper and regular preventive maintenance, you will not only ensure you will be able to preserve its tiptop condition, it can also make a huge difference on your riding safety. 

Motorcycle Safety First!

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