The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company is a a company that has extremely loyal customers. Many of their customers would rather walk then ride a motorcycle from a different company. Many people that are new to motorcycling will automatically go into the local Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealer first. Too many people riding a Harley Davidson is "cooler" then riding a Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or even an American made Victory Motorcycle.

Harley CustomersThe Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company has fallen on some hard times recently with the financial loans. Before the financial meltdown the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company financed many sub-prime motorcycle loans for riders with low credit scores. In the rider with the poor credit score did not make their payment then The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company would come and repo the motorcycle and easily be able to resell it.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles hold their value extremely high. Since the financial meltdown the way Harley Davidson has finance motorcycles has changed. It is now harder then ever for someone with poor credit to get financed for a new motorcycle from Harley Davidson. The standards to get financed have increased.

Since the Harley Davidson company has made it harder to qualify for motorcycle financing with poor credit the company is also selling less motorcycles. The profits of Harley Davidson has gone down. The stock price of Harley Davidson has also gone down. Harley Davidson however is far from being in trouble.

Harley Davidson has took multiple steps too keep their company profitable. Harley Davidson continues to offer their 883 Sportster at a very reasonable price to try and attract not only newer riders but also women, shorter riders, and mature riders who want a fun motorcycle to cruise around town on. Harley Davidson also continues to sell a lot of accessories and add ons for their motorcycles. It is not uncommon for a Harley Rider to spend a couple thousand or more on factory accessories and add ons. Harley Davidson makes a lot of money off of selling accessories.

The best thing going for the company is the loyalty that it's customer shave for their product. They will not buy a similar bike that is cheaper from an Asian motorcycle company and current owners will continue to add factory add ons and accessories to their motorcycles.

Contrary to what some believe the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company is not in danger of going out of business. The profits have decreased but the economy will eventually return. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company also has the most brand loyal customers in the world.

Image Credit:(Flickr/DeusXFlorida)