Harley Davidson Bikers

You can lower your Harley Davidson motorcycle lower to the ground with kits. Kits can be purchased and installed by your local Harley Davidson dealership, but you will be able to save a lot of money of you purchase a Harley lowering kit online.

If you purchase a Harley lowering kit online you need to either know how to install it by following the directions or pay a certified motorcycle mechanic to slam your Harley down for you. If you lower your own Harley you will save a lot of money as long as you do it properly. If you do not feel comfortable installing a Harley lowering kit on your motorcycle then you should hire someone to do it. Even if you have to pay someone to install the Harley lowering kit for you it will still save you a lot of money over buying the kit from your Harley dealer and paying them to install it.

Lowering kits are generally pretty inexpensive. One of the most popular lowering kits is for the Harley Davidson Sportster. A Harley Sportster lowering kit will usually cost you $40.00-$50.00 if purchased online. The Sportster lowering kit will usually consist of:

  • 2 lowering blocks
  • All hardware need for Installation
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Nylok Nuts or Similar

 Slamming your Harley motorcycle lower to the ground is actually a [pretty simple process. If you have a basic mechanical aptitude and can follow easy to read directions and have access to a tool box then you should b e able to install the Harley lowering kit with ease.

Sportster Rider Buying a Harley Davison Lowering Kit online and installing it yourself will save you a lot of money over having the Harley dealership install it. If your Harley Davidson is still under warranty then you may be forced to pay a premium to have your Harley Dealership do the installation so you do not void the warranty.

 A Harley lowering kit will allow you to drop the height of the motorcycle from 1”-3”. The Harley Davidson Lowering kits are adjustable so that you may vary the height. If you drop the height 3 inches and decide that is too much for your riding style then you can always adjust it downwards.

 If you do have to pay the extra money to buy the Harley lowering kit from your Harley Dealership and also pay them to install it you can usually be assured of getting the job done right. Safety is paramount when riding motorcycles and if you do not follow the directions or tighten up the bolts then you could easily injure or kill yourself when the hardware fails. Installing your own motorcycle lowering kit is not rocket science, but you do need to ensure that it is done properly.

 If your Harley is under warranty then you will probably have to have them install the Factory lowering kit so as not to void the warranty. The warranty is very valuable and you do not want to void your warranty simply to save a few dollars on a lowering kit.