Cleaning your house is important to your baby's health and the way your living area looks when company comes over. You certainly wouldn't want a dirty house when trying to impress your friends or family. Usually we used chemical filled cleaning supplies to clean our kitchen sinks, toilets, ovens and floors. We can now use safe cleaning supplies that are safe to use on counters and eat off of and is also not as dangerous to for baby or child to get into. Start using natural cleaning alternatives now.

Oven cleaner: This type of cleaner is used to clean inside ovens, on stoves and even inside a microwave. Unfortunately, sulfuric acid is inside this cleaner. It may cause burns when touched to skin and is toxic. Instead you can soak a rag in hot boiling water and mix it with baking soda and salt. Also, instead of cleaning your oven and stove often you could line the bottom with aluminum foil. This prevents the food from falling onto the surface of the oven. You will be left with a much cleaner oven that is chemical free.

Toilet cleaner: Used to clean inside of the toilet bowl. Inside this cleaner contains ammonia and sodium hydroxide, two very powerful and dangerous chemicals. This may also cause burns and is toxic when eaten. Instead, use a heavy duty toilet brush and baking soda to scrub it down well. You can also use this inside sinks and on the toilet seat and cover. This homemade cleanser is very safe compared to the dangerous toilet cleaner that is sold in stores.

Disinfectants: Disinfectants are used to clean the tops of kitchen counters. It is also used on the sinks and counters in the bathroom. Many times, people that are cooking will place their raw meat on the counter tops. Eating raw meat is very dangerous so people will clean it with a disinfectant. What you don't know is that using disinfects is just as bad as not cleaning the raw meat off of the counters. Disinfectants are vey dangerous and toxic to the body. As an alternative to harmful chemicals inside this cleaning supply you can use a half of a cup of borax and one gallon of water and scrub well.

Carpet cleaners: Carpet cleaner is used by sprinkling carpet powder on the floor and vacuuming it up. It has been proven to vacuum up more dirt and dust and leave the carpet with a great smell. Unfortunately, a great smelling cleanser can leave harmful results. This cleaner contains oxalic acid. In its place you can use dry cornstarch and sprinkle it over the carpet. Allow the cornstarch to sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up.

Spot removers: This can be used for numerous thing including stains on carpets or stains on your favorite t-shirt. Bottles of spot removers contain hazardous ingredients that are extremely flammable and toxic. Surprisingly a mixture of club soda, cold water and lemon juice work well to remove spots. It can also be stored for a long time, so pour your mixture in an old spray bottle and keep one under the sink and one in the laundry room. This way you can always be ready to defeat that stain that your child may bring in.

Mothballs: Used to deodorize clothes for storage. Mothballs contain Naphthalene that is toxic when put into mouth. Instead of using these dangerous chemicals when storing clothes, you can fill your storage container or dresser drawers with cedar chips and lavender flowers. These seem to generally give your clothes a better smell. You can neutralize the odor by crunching up newspapers and sticking them into the drawers.

Floor cleaner: Used to clean linoleum, tile and hardwood floors. You can use lemon juice and olive oil instead of using harsh chemicals. This gives your floor a clean lemon scent. Most floor cleansers contain petroleum distillates which are both toxic and flammable. Over time, it can also be harsh on the floor. Using your homemade floor cleaner is beneficial to your home and your family.

Drain cleaner: With all of the food that goes down the drain instead of in the garbage, it is beneficial to clean your drain every once in a while. Many people use harmful chemicals that may burn the skin since many products use hydrochloride acid. Instead of leaving chemicals in your sink, first fill your sink up with water and use your plunger just like you would do in your toilet. The plunger will suck all the old food up out of the drain and you will be left with remaining food particles in your sink. Now you can throw away the food that is supposed to be in the garbage away. To be sure that you got out all of the other food particles mix baking soda, vinegar and hot water together and pour down the drain. Let this sit for at least 30 minutes without running any water.

Window cleaner: Used to clean windows and mirrors. If you have children it is likely that you have fingerprints and face smears all over your windows. Even if you don't have children, windows and mirrors seem to get dirty very quickly. Instead of using harmful chemical filled cleaners that contain solvents, use a natural method that isn't toxic. Combine vinegar and water into a bucket and wipe down your windows with newspaper. The newspaper reduces smears, especially if you only wipe one way.


-If you must use bleach use the powdered kind instead of liquid. The liquid is a lot more dangerous to have around the house.

-If you much use any kind of chemicals around the house by sure to do it when your children are not in the rooms, or best yet, not even home.

-Be careful if you allow your children to help you clean. Instead of using your alternative cleaning products see if they can help you fold towels or put away toys instead.