There are some things that just are not good for your precious animals.  Learn the things that could really be harmful to your beloved pets.


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Garlic and Onions

Giving your pet your leftovers may not be the best option and healthiest thing for your pet.  If they get it every once in a while it is not a big deal, but having a constant diet containing onions and garlic isn’t safe.  When a pet breaks down this type of food it can lead to anemia.


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It is a rumor that warm milk or even cold milk is good for cats.  It is actually harmful for a cat’s digestive system as their stomachs are not tolerant of it and it can lead to stomach problems.


Chicken and Pork Bones

 Many owners feed their pets, especially dogs, bones from their food.  It is important to be careful in what type of bone you are feeding your pet.  Chicken and pork bones can easily splinter causing your pet to choke on the bone when they are trying to consume it.  Usually steak bones are okay for your pet and don’t cause any problems.


Mixing Foods

If you own both a dog and a cat, you may think that it is okay to give your dog cat food or to give your cat dog food.  This is not okay and is very harmful for your pet.  It is important to know this because the types of foods don’t have the right amount of nutrients in them to keep your pet healthy.  A little bit may be okay if your pet will actually eat it, but completely substituting this food is extremely harmful for their diet.


Overdose of Treats

Many owners buy treats for their cats for an occasional snack.   Some owners simply overdo it though.  It is important to cautious at how many treats you give your pet.  Over feeding your pets treat or even regular food can lead to obesity.  Also, it is important to know that pets can generate diabetes as well.

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 This is one of the most obvious points, but you wouldn’t believe how many times pets get a hold of alcohol.  This is especially common in dogs.  When people host summer parties and leave their red solo cups next to their chairs, it is easy for a dog to come over and lap up their beer in their cup.  The reason this is so dangerous for pets, especially cats is because they are so much smaller than humans and their little bodies can only handle so much alcohol before it could cause a coma or death.



Raisins and even grapes can be fatal for both cats and dogs.  They can cause kidney failure and death in your pet.  It is best to keep both raisins and grapes up and out of the reach of your pets.



Almost everyone knows that chocolate is a harmful food for pets.  Even if they consume just a small amount of chocolate, it can be fatal.  This is true in all types of chocolates, but baking chocolate and dark chocolate is the most dangerous type out there.


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