The Most Famous Department Store in England


Harrods has become one of London's most luxurious and most famous departments stores, it is a main attraction in itself, the high-end department store is based in Knightsbridge, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Harrods has 90.000 square foot 330 departments with 7 floors, each one offers a variety of luxury products and services, from high-end designer clothing and electronics to sparkling jewelery to the most expensive yacht on sale for £100 million! 

The views inside are just grand, marble floor and pillars, the spectacular staircases the and with themed Egyptian escalators all make it a pleasure to be in. The food hall delivers on a variety of high-class food and ingredients. The decor are excellent as well as the singing of the chefs. You will definitely have fun here and going to end up spending but its worth every single penny.

harrods food hall

Harrods can do a lot more, they do customisation for toys, games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Chess to you your taste. If you want it leather-bound? done! if you want it encrusted with diamond? done! you can even customise your dogs coat and collar with diamante letters and accessories while you let it eat  your own customised ice cream! remember this is Harrods!

Their motto is "Omnia Omnibus Ublique" which mean "All Things For All People, Everywhere. 

harrods egyptian room


A story came about as this motto went around.

A man walks in to Harrods and said:
"This is Harrods right? all things for all people?" 
"that's correct Sir" said the man a the counter. 
"ok then if this is the place where I can get anything, then I want an elephant sandwich!"
Shocked as the man at the counter heard his impoliteness and went to the back to ask. 
"Unfortunately Sir we've run out of bread"
Harrods was the first place to have escalators in England. After they were installed and open to the public, brandy was offered to customers when they got to the top floor to congratulate them after their experience.

This is the only department store in the world with a dress code, your clothes has to be clean and presentable. no shorts and sandals or vests, you must carry your rucksack in your hand instead on your back or shoulder.

Having a meal in Harrods is very expensive however, there is plenty to eat around the prestigious area.

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