If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books and films, you may decide that you would like to dress up as one of the male characters. You could opt to dress as the main man himself or you could choose to dress up as his sidekick and best friend Ron Weasley.

The Things You Need For A Ron Weasley Fancy Dress Costume

The main characters of the story are Harry Potter and his best friends, Ron and Hermione Granger. Ron provides a lot of the comedy elements to the films so this would be a fun character to dress up as.

RonRon Weasley fancy dress costume Weasley Hair
The most striking thing about Ron Weasley is his bright red hair. In the first films, this was very prominent. The easiest way to achieve this look is to get yourself a bright carrot coloured wig. This sort of thing is readily available from most fancy dress shops or you could order one online.

The Wizardly Wand
Every young wizard should be equipped with his or her own wand. This is one accessory that you want to add to your whole fancy dress ensemble. Ron is known for always causing havoc when trying to use his wand. At one point he actually had a broken one. You could incorporate this by personalizing a standard issue wand. All you would need to do is to simply add a big plaster or a strip of a bandage.

The School Cloak
Just like Harry Potter, Ron is a member of Gryffindor House. Each school house has its own set of colours and school crest. You can purchase a ready made robe that is the right colour and has the school crest on the breast pocket. Alternatively if you are a little creative you could make your own look by getting hold of a cheaper black robe and copying the school crest from an image. Then you would just need to pin it to your cloak and away you go.

The School Uniform
Everyone knows that if you are going to dress up as someone from the Harry Potter movies then you will have to find yourself some sort of school uniform. You could either order an authentic Harry Potter school uniform or you could source the different pieces and put the whole look together yourself. This could work out to be the cheaper option.

The basic look of the uniform will consist of a pair of grey trousers with a grey jumper and a white shirt. The school tie needs to reflect school house colours of Gryffindor so this may be part of the costume that you might like to spend a little bit of money on.