In 1997, J.K. Rowling released what would be the first in a set of seven Harry Potter books. The collection would go on to become classics and are some of the best selling children's books of all-time. As of June 2008 the series had sold over 400 million copies which is just simply amazing. When the series came to life on the big screen the popularity skyrocketed beyond belief. With all this popularity people have been searching for Harry Potter MySpace layouts for quite some time. This article hopefully will help the search process and also explain how to apply each layout to your MySpace profile.

The first place I'm gonna recommend you look for your Harry Potter MySpace layout is a site called which features over 100 different layouts. The site is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. They offer you a thumbnail view of each layout which you can click to enlarge the view and also get the code. The code is what you are gonna need to apply any of these layouts to your MySpace profile. If you are unaware the process is real simple. Each of these sites will give a series of code that will be in text format. This text simply has to be copied and pasted into the desired MySpace profile usually done in the "About Me" section. Then it's just a matter of saving the changes and your all set.

If you are unable to find that Harry Potter MySpace layout or background of your dreams with the location above then maybe you can try for better results. The navigation process is basically the same as you have the preview which you can click to see a larger view and then the option to get the code for the background as well. The obvious downside here is the amount of layouts which is small compared to the site previously mentioned above. However the content is rather unique and is definitely worth checking out in your search.

Then finally last but not least we have which is a pretty good place to go for any kind of MySpace layout not just Harry Potter related backgrounds. Once again the process here is pretty simple and it's basically the same as the one's mentioned above with just a slightly different look and feel. This site offers over 10 pages worth of Harry Potter MySpace layouts for someone to look through and offers previews and code for them all. I have links to each of these pages at the end of the article.

Well I hope that this article was helpful in locating that perfect Harry Potter MySpace layout or background. Just remember these are all free and you can change them as often as you want so feel free to try them out until that perfect layout is found. There are other sites as well if you don't find what you need then keep searching because the internet is an amazing place.