Is Hogwarts talked about almost like a real place in your home? Do you have a child that fancies him or herself a wizard in training? If yes, throwing a Harry Potter theme party, whether as a birthday surprise or as a Halloween bash is a fantastical way of celebrating. To bring it all together, you're going to need the right Harry Potter party supplies, along with some good ideas for using them. Here you'll find both - a checklist of the essentials and quite a few very good Harry Potter theme party ideas to help you conjure up the perfect event.

A Harry Potter Theme Party: Creating Magic In Your Home

Original Harry Potter Hogwarts Wall BannerThe Harry Potter series of books and movies by J.K. Rowling has left an indelible mark on generations of kids and adults, so much so that it's hard to imagine a world that doesn't include the magic and mystery of Hogwarts, young wizards, and monsters galore. Kids all over the world have taken to Harry Potter Halloween costumes and even everyday Harry Potter clothing and home decor. The magic has become a lifestyle in itself, and if you've got a child who is a committed fan, then a Harry Potter theme party is an exceptional way to surprise him or her.

A Harry Potter theme party works as either a birthday party or Halloween bash, and in both cases the theme opens the doors to some very imaginaitve events. This is a world of mysterious sorting hats, magical wands, and flying broomsticks, so you've got a rich world to explore in your party choices. The good news is that there are a lot of supplies out there to help you bring the world to life in your home.

Harry Potter Party Supplies: Your Essentials Checklist

Below are your musts - the supplies that you definitely need to make your Harry Potter theme party into a magical night for everyone. 

Harry Potter party invitations

All the young wizards and witches out there need to be inspired for the big day as early as possible! This means your invitations should nail the theme. If you're planning a costume party, make sure these invites are out a few weeks in advance . You need to give all of your attendees time to pull together a Harry Potter costume look of their own.

Harry Potter paper tableware

What is the most magical spot at any party? The table full of goodies, foods, presents, and treats of course! Since this will be a focal point of the entire night, make sure it gets dressed for the occasion. Harry Potter table covers, centerpieces, paper plates, and cups will add big time to the experience.

Harry Potter Castle Cake Decorating KitHarry Potter cake toppers

The Harry Potter series is full of dinner scenes with over-the-top edible delights, so your cake needs to feel just as majestic! You can bake your own if you've got the skill set and time, or you can opt for one of many excellent Harry Potter cake toppers to take your cake to another level.

Harry Potter wall banners

The walls of Hogwarts are chock full of banners, paintings, and other decorations, and to commit to your theme, you need to bring that aspect into your space too. A good start is through some themed wall banners. You can find them with crests of the different Hogwarts houses (like Gryffindor or Slytherin).

Harry Potter Hogwart's Printed Wall Banner
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RoomMates RMK1547SCS Harry Potter Peel and Stick Wall DecalsHarry Potter wall stickers

Wall stickers are another excellent way to give depth to your space. They can be very intricate and festive in their designs, so they are sure to delight all of your guests. Don't worry about the paint or wallpaper on your walls. Vinyl wall stickers don't use adhesives, so there is no mess or discoloration on removal.

A Harry Potter cardboard stand-up

Give your kids attending a phenomenal photo opportunity! These near life-sized cardboard stand-ups look like what you see in theater lobbies, so they add a great sense of magic to your home. You can use a few as a Harry Potter photo station where the kids can pose with their favorite characters. Or place them in the harder to decorate corners of your space.

Harry Potter costumes

What would a Harry Potter party be without costumes? You can choose a Hogwarts robe for the birthday boy or girl or even buy a few to supply to your guests as party favors. It's a great sight to see all of the kids wearing their Hogwarts best, and it will certainly make the party a memorable one. 

Original Harry Potter Costume Sorting Hat BrownA Harry Potter sorting hat

Having a sorting hat present at your big party is a wonderful way to add a little interactivity to the event. If you're playing team games, you can place cards for the four Hogwarts houses into the hat and have the kids become sorted through the drawing of the cards.

A Harry Potter broom

For many kids, the broom flying scenes are some of their favorites in the movies. Why not have the star of those scenes come to life at your party? You could even use the broom as a fun big prize for one lucky guest based off of party games or a raffle through the sorting hat.

Harry Potter party favors

No theme party should be without something the guests can take home, and with Harry Potter the choices are many. Harry Potter wands and circular glasses make for some excellent choices here. They are fun to give out upon arrival so that the kids can play casting magical spells throughout the day.

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When you pull these essential Harry Potter party supplies together, you'll have the perfect base by which to throw an amazing Harry Potter party. But there is always more! J.K. Rowling's universe is so rich that there are hundreds of other great party supplies to choose from. You'll discover many that are the perfect accent pieces to the party essentials listed above. And with them, your special event will have a magic all its own.