Harry Potter is the eighth and final film of the seven book series. It starts where the seventh film ended with Harry, Ron & Hermione seeking the horcruxes to give them a chance to defeat Voldemort, while Voldemort retrieves the elder wand.

Voldemort finds out what the 3 of them are up to and they have a battle to end all battles. The film takes you to Gringotts where they are in search of a horcrux, and to Hogwarts for an amazing battle reuniting all the characters that have been in all the movies throughout, you find the answer to all the questions you want to know, Is Snape good or bad? Who will win out of good and evil? Will Ron and Hermione get together? Who's doe was it? What is the snitch for?

My Thoughts

I am a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, it is not usually my style of film. I think the final film finishes off the journey fantastically.

One of the main reason I enjoyed this film so much is much to do with the cast which has been the same throughout, and there are plenty of great actors/actresses in this film.

After Deathly Hallows part 1 which I was a little disappointed, I now understand the bigger picture.

It shows their true characters and who the true heroes are, and you root for individuals one of my favourite is Neville Longbottom who has a much bigger role in this film, there are many big characters killed off in this film, if you have read the books you will already know who they are.

I think the film depicts the book very well, there are a couple of parts in the book which I would have liked to have seen in the film, but these are small points which would have made it a little bit more special.


There is an all-star cast with fantastic acting throughout, the scene have been very thought out and the cast do the book proud.

All the cast have remained with all films from the beginning which I think makes this saga that extra special, when you read the books you can picture them in your head which I think helps you read along to the stories much easier. When you think of Professor Mcgonagall you picture Maggie Smith, and Snape you picture Alan Rickman and I can't think of anyone better to play those two role's.

The three main characters have been fantastic throughout, all of which were brilliantly chosen to play their part.

Favourite Scene

My favourite scene of the movie is a simple one to choose, Harry, Ron & Hermione arrive at Hogwarts and Snape gets wind of this and calls an emergency assembly. Harry confronts Snape in the assembly about his murder of Dumbledore, as he confronts him Harry questions the security of the castle while the remaining order of the Phoenix come through the great hall behind him.

A duel then breaks out between Snape and Mcgonagall who finally stands up to Snape.

This shows the start of good standing up against the evil, and is the start of the battle and when the film starts to get really exciting.

The scene makes you root for the Harry and the order that much more.


As a huge Harry Potter fan I certainly recommend the special features on this DVD showing the cast finishing up filming and saying goodbye to one another.

My Rating - 8/10

What did you think of the Harry Potter film or the saga as a whole did it live up to all your expectations.

Harry Potter confronting Professor Snape

The Order of the Phoenix filtering in

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