It is not easy finding parts for a Hart Cart. Many of these UTVs were defective, made from inferior parts, and possessed design flaws. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend riding around in one but a lot of people are stuck with them and want to get their money’s worth. There are a few different places to find parts for Hart Carts.  But first, some bad news and good news.

The Bad News

The parts used to manufacture these carts were non-standard. What this means is that, for the most part, you’re not going to find exact replacements for much. You are going to need to ballpark some of the repairs and replacements. Mechanics are rarely going to condone or recommend this but that’s likely your only recourse unless you have some extra Hart Carts you can scrap for parts.

The Good News

Since so many of those UTVs were defective, there isn’t a shortage of spare parts. Also, parts from other personal transports (ATVs, golf carts) can work fairly well.

Where to find Hart Cart parts


It seems obvious but many buyers overlook this site for obscure parts. What you want to do is find cities near your own and search for ‘hart cart parts’ or just ‘hart carts’. If you don’t want to add more crappy Hart Cart parts to your UTV then try to match the part with a similar one from a golf cart. Many different golf cart sales offices will have different sizes and standards that could meet your needs.

Golf Cart Sales

As stated above, this is a good place to start to find parts that will work. ATV sales offices also have repair sides that can supply you with parts or advice. They won’t be perfect but after using a Hart Cart for a while I’m sure ‘perfect’ isn’t what you’re going for. Take the part into the sales office or repair shop and ask if they can match it. If you can’t travel there, then email or text them a photo of the part.

I have heard of stories where certain parts were destroyed (melted, lost, were never attached). In this case, compare parts from a similar vehicle. If there was a problem with the bed lift mechanism and the part is gone, take pictures of a working bed lift mechanism and compare it to your own to find out what went wrong.


People have been searching for these parts for years. Visiting an auto parts forum and posting questions is a great way to connect with others. There are people out there who either have spare parts you can buy, or who know what parts you can use as replacements.