If you are looking for excellent and high quality star wars toys for your children or your collection, its very likely the toys will be hasbro star wars toys. Hasbro is a toy manufacturer that is well known and respected, so you are going to be guaranteed a toy that will last and withstand what most kids will throw at them. Hasbro manufacture a wide range of different star wars toys so lets take a closer look at just three of the different toys that they have for sale out there in the marketplace today.

The first toy or star wars collectible that we are going to look at is the excellent Magnaguard fighter taken from the clone wars range. General Grievous has droid bodyguards, and its these guards that fly specialized fighter planes called the magnaguard. This stylish, sleek and futuristic fighter plane is stacked with detail and it looks so good it is going to have your imagination running wild. The plane comes with missiles that you load into the plane and fire at your enemies. It has thrusters on it which you can alter the position of and it also has a retractable landing gear that you can use when you are taking off. It also has a cockpit which you can use to put your star wars figures into, this is one hasbro star wars toy which is going to give you hours and hours of fun.

The second toy that we are going to look at is the brilliant millennium falcon, this toy is a little on the expensive side. But is fantastic value for money when you look at the quality and workmanship that has gone into the toy. The millenium falcon is probably the most well known spacecraft in star wars and is piloted by han solo and his big furry friend chewbacca. This toy is detailed and is the exact replica of the rebel spacecraft that is used in the movies. Some of the features of this toy are headlights that light up. Sound effects such as engine boost, firing cannons and weapons and much more. The spacecraft comes with chewbacca and han solo to get you started straight away. It measures a whopping two and half foot in length and has removable outer panels so that you can quickly access the inside of the plane. This excellent hasbro star wars toy also comes with over 20 authentic movie sounds and phrases from popular star wars characters such as luke skywalker,han solo, chewbacca, obi wan kenobi , R2-D2 and C-3PO. The toy requires three AA batteries to power it and will make a fabulous addition to anyone's star wars collection.

The third and final toy that we are going to look at is the trooper blaster. This toy comes with three foam darts that you use as bullets and as a focusing light so that you can focus in on your target. The blaster gun requires two AA batteries which are included and is designed for children 4 years and up.

Lots of Hasbro star wars toys contain small pieces, that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. When buying these toys always make sure that you buy toys that are designed for your childrens age. Some of these toys fire missiles so again make sure that when your children plays with them that they act responsibly and don't load up the guns with things that can injure people.