Bone fractures are among the most common orthopedic problem suffered by people nationwide.

People involved in accidents such as vehicle collisions almost always end up with broken bones and fractures. Some consider these as minor injuries as compared to what they could have sustained in serious accidents.

To some extent, it is true that broken bones are relatively minor as compared to spinal cord trauma or head injuries that can also damage the brain. Nonetheless, these injuries from accidents will certainly cause unnecessary pain and hassle while the injury is being rehabilitated and treated.

The treatment for bone fractures depends on a lot of factors such as the location of the fracture, the age and the routine of the inured, and the severity of the deformity or the angulation. However, they often include the use of cast, medication treatments, and even surgery. These may result to:

  • Inability to work and loss of income – Since the victim may be put in a cast, he may not be able to go to work and do his previous job. This would result to loss of income that will affect his means of supporting his necessities.
  • Pain and suffering – Bones have capability to heal by itself. However, an orthopedic surgeon will make sure that it is healing properly by correcting the angulation of the bone or even requiring the patient to go under surgery. These procedures will certainly cause physical and emotional anguish to a person who had just been in an accident.
  • Limited activity – in some cases, the angulation of the damaged bone is not corrected immediately and so it will permanently limit the physical activity of that person.

There are cases wherein fractures can have complications. Compartment syndrome is a condition wherein the affected area is associated with acute pain, lack of pulse, pallor, paresthesia, and even paralysis.

To prevent such complications, it is important to have the fracture checked by an orthopedic surgeon immediately after the accident occurred.

Recovering Compensation

Since fractures or broken bones can cause economic and non-economic damages, the victim of someone else's negligence have the right to seek compensation from the liable party. Compensation may include:

  • lost income
  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering

Other injuries from vehicle collisions, defective products, and harmful premises should also be compensated by the liable party. If you have been injured but unsure if you have a case, then, consult with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can help you in assessing your case.