Hats Off To The Helpers On Thanksgiving Day

We all should take our hats off to the helpers on Thanksgiving Day. They give from the heart to those who need them.

Be it an organization, like a food bank, or a community care program, or the individual inviting the old lady next door for turkey day, these people are gems of society and without them the world would be a colder place.

Giving of yourself at Thanksgiving can be as little as passing a few bucks to the homeless guy downtown, or sending some canned goods to a food pantry. Whatever you decide to do will only warm your heart as you help those in need.

It's very easy today to get all wrapped up in our own lives and forget that some are not so lucky. We all need to follow these great humanitarians who reach out and be available to help as we can. Giving just a little each to make someone else's life better, can indeed change the world.

The economy today has caused great hardships within many areas and help is desperately needed in many inner cities. Rural towns have been hit just as hard. Many people now have an income that is only a percentage of what they had and a lot more people are finding things tough.

Some have completely lost their income and find themselves in dire straits. Not all of these people are to fault for their situation. The brutal real estate tumble and the crash of a hugely inflated stock market have taken their toll on more then one country.

Globally there has been a reduction of income as the economy resets itself. People around you are in need and the one's helping are the folks I'm taking my hat off to.

Fuel assistance budgets have been cut throughout the country as individual states are struggling to meet these needs. Some go without heating oil when a choice between food or fuel must be made. Help is needed in this area where cold weather is about to hit and people are worried about surviving the winter.

If you have the good fortune to see one of these super heroes in action, take a cue from this giving individual and figure out how you can be a super hero too.

Find your niche in the world of humanitarianism and join the ranks of the noble folk, who help the meek survive. After all they are supposed to inherit the earth. Maybe if we're really nice to them, they may let us live here.

Anonymous Hats Off

Some heroes prefer to remain anonymous and that's fine, it's within that the warmth occurs, so no one has to know. This kind of unselfishness is good for the sole and will make us have confidence, that we are indeed giving and caring human beings.

Hats off to the ones that are helping with all these causes. They are true heroes. Making sure that everyone we know of is going to have a great Thanksgiving dinner, and the fuel to cook it, is a noble cause.

Continuing to help beyond the holiday is something that will come by itself. Once you get the warm feeling that comes from knowing you did something to make a difference, it's probably going to become a very hard habit to break.