Summer is the time of year when people traditionally get to take a break from the mundanity of their daily work and strike out on an adventure.  For some, this may mean riding roller coasters, water slides, or maybe a trip through the "haunted house."  For others, though, these cheap thrills are nothing compared to the possibility of an authentic paranormal exploit.  Based on the success of television shows about paranormal investigations, it would seem that many people would rather have the chance to see the real thing, and if this sounds like your type of trip, then there are some great places for you to go.

There are many infamous hauntings that people are all aware of.  The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast/Museum is the site of its namesake's famous (alleged) slayings with the respective forty and forty-one whacks.  Located in Fall River, MA, this site has pretty much everything the amateur parapsychologist could wish for.  Not only can you stay in the very room where the murderess slept, but you can do a little research of your own as well.  At events such as the "Dead of Winter" held this past February, guests were treated to a lecture on legends and paranormal research, a chance to see some new ghost hunting technology, and the chance to have their own private and group ghost investigations.  CNN, The Huffington Post, and MSNBC have all cited the Lizzie Borden house as a hotbed of paranormal activity, so if you're serious about seeing (or maybe recording) something, this is certainly a destination to consider.

The 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Restaurant in Savannah, GA is the oldest hotel in the city.  It was destined to be a haunted locale from the start as its builder was killed in a riding accident even before its completion. It is home to several spirits including that of Anne Powell, a young girl who threw herself out of an upper floor window, a malevolent voodoo-practicing kitchen maid, and a helpful merchant marine that assists the staff currently working there.  The Inn offers a haunted dinner tour that includes exclusive access to its upper floors.  It’s also a popular stop on Savannah’s many ghost tours, and if you’re staying in room 204, which belonged to Anne, you may be sharing your room with its former occupant.

If you’d rather visit a West Coast attraction, The Queen Mary may be the destination for you.  The Queen Mary began as a luxury ocean liner, but was turned into a troop ship in 1940 for service in World War II.  As you can well imagine, a ship with this kind of history is ripe for haunting.  In fact, it even has its own paranormal investigative team.  The Queen Mary is also host to the Ghost Fest Expo where guests can attend after-dark paranormal tours and attend a séance.  You can book rooms online, as well.

There are plenty of opportunities to stay at haunted locations for those of us who are willing to take the risk.  Now that you know some destinations, the next step is just to ask yourself if you are brave enough to do it.