Haunted House Supplies3There are a lot of various haunted house supplies out there that can really put your haunted house attraction on another level even if you only have a small budget. Just make sure you have some good haunted house ideas or all the supplies in the world won't do much good. This article will focus on products in a wide range of prices and basic ways to use them.

• Spooky Shelf. Put various things in jars (bugs, bones, candy eyeballs, peeled grapes, interesting foods, etc.). You can also put water (clear or cloudy) in the jars as well. Sure, you could tell what it is in a well lighted room, but in a dark room you could put anything in those jars and creep out your visitors. You might want to look into using plastic jars in case someone decides to take a closer look and drops jar.
• Plastic, Rope and Tape. Black plastic trash bags and duct tape will be essential to cover windows or other sources of light. They can also hide the behind the scenes stuff. Dark blankets could also be used. Rope will come in handy…get some.
• Lighting. Eerie lighting will make your attraction a lot more moody and scarier. Use low-wattage bulbs in various colors (black, orange, green, etc.). If you use strobe lights let visitors know, because they can cause seizures in some people. You could put a sign outside your attraction.
• Sound Effects. I find using CD collections of scary sounds kind of corny myself, but it's a matter of taste. They are some really good Halloween music out there, but I'd rather make one myself or have real people make the noises, if possible.
• Dry Ice. Dry ice can be used in combination with a container (black cauldron, etc.) to produce an eerie mist. Just add a little warm water. Be careful when handling dry ice, as it can burn the skin. Never leave dry ice where someone can accidentally touch it. Dry ice has a short shelf life, so don't go out and get it until you are close to opening your doors.Haunted House Supplies2
• Masks and Costumes. These can be worn by the people who help you run your attraction. Masks made today come in a wide range from the basic to very detailed pieces. All types can be made scary especially in low light or darkness. You can also buy colored contact lenses to really add authenticity to you costume.
• Mannequins. These can be quite expensive, so it's better to buy them used or better yet find a clothing store that is throwing out old ones. They can add some creepiness to your attraction, if you can find some. Imagine seeing a mannequin all pitted and chopped on in a barely lit room…creepy. Even parts of the mannequin can be used effectively, so don't pass up on them. Styrofoam heads can also be used and can illicit the same effect for a cheaper price.
• Animatronics. These can be a bit pricey, so they may not be for everyone. If you have the cash and a little short on human help, these can be a good buy.
• Body Parts. Again, these come in a wide range of detail and prices. You can also make your own by using shirt sleeves filled with material, etc. As long as your guests can't inspect them too closely, they'll never be able to tell it is a homemade product.
• Fog Machine. Fog machines can be quite portable and some even come with remote controls (which are very handy). Fog can really add a creepy vibe to any setting and the benefits usually outweigh the cost of the machine.
• Old Books. You may not be able to get these on a whim, but are worth it if you can. Often you can find old books for free at libraries, estate sales, etc. These books may not be great reading material, but that's not what you want them for, anyway. They are used to add a creepy look to your attraction. You could even open one up and put some fake blood on the pages.
• Blood and Make-up. Fake blood can be found online or in stores (especially in October) fairly easily. Most fake blood will stain clothes and some are harmful if gotten into eyes or swallowed. It's best to read the warnings on the container. If you're planning on using a lot, you might be better off making your own fake blood. Plus it would definitely save you some money (it's not exactly cheap). It would probably be safer as you'd be using safer materials and not chemicals.
• Retractable Knives. This is for when you want to get up close and personal with your guests. Make sure it works well before you use it.
• Jack-o-lanterns. I think real ones give off a creepier vibe than those fake ones you buy. Just don't carve for beauty, carve some scary faces into it.
• Skulls. Fake skull can be bought quite easily nowadays and look very detailed. Don't just limit yourself to human skulls, though. Try a variety of animals.
• Tombstones and Coffins. These can look very real and weathered, and are better suited to a cemetery setting. You can make your own by using two stick and some string. Coffins (even cheap ones) can cost some money. If your guests are far enough away, you could use card board and still fool the people.
Weapons of Execution. Can be pricey. These include the usual suspects such as the guillotine, hangman's noose, and the rack.
• Bad Smells. This is a tricky situation and should be given careful thought. You could buy a piece of meat and throw it around your site a few days in advance to get the smell of rot. It would probably be best just to do this in certain sections of your attraction. You could keep the meat in a jar with a mesh screen over it to keep flies out and to prevent maggots from forming. You wouldn't want an overpowering smell anyway, as it might make some people really sick.
• Pictures and Posters. Using things like torn photos, old polaroid or cheap zombie posters can add a more lived-in look to a room (if that's what you want).
• Other Misc. Stuff. Fake spider webs, scarecrow, glow sticks, full size skeletons, florescent paint, dead flowers, etc.

Above are just a few of the haunted house supplies out there; they're are tons of other stuff. Halloween is the one day of the year you can explore your dark side without others judging you too harshly, and being safely scared out of your wits is one way to do this. So enjoy this time of the year and be thankful that it isn't real.

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