Kids Golf Clubs

A great way to have fun with your kids is to get them a set of kids golf clubs and hit the links or a driving range together. Of course, this is dependent on you actually being a fan of golf. But if you are, there are few better ways to spend a day with your kids than going golfing.

My son is almost four years old. He's always been a coordinated child and interested in sports. My parents (who are golf fanatics) got him a set of kids golf clubs by the time he was two years old. These clubs were too big for him then, but he has grown into them, and so has his interest in the game and his skill.

His interest in the game began when he got that set of golf clubs. Every time we would visit his grandparents he would ask repeatedly to go to the golf course to hit golf balls. He goes to the driving range and hits no matter if it's too hot, too cold, or too rainy. If my mother is willing to stay out there with him, he keeps hitting.

That interest in golf has increased his skill level. Now, I'm no Earl Woods, and we don't hit golf balls for eight hours a day. But every other week or so we take his kids golf clubs and go to the driving range. The only fundamental I teach him now is to keep his feet still. Other than that, I just want him to have a good time swinging his golf clubs and watching the ball fly (relatively speaking).

The kids golf club set he has is a small bag without a stand. It has several pockets that are capable of holding anything he could need. Golf balls, tees, gloves, etc. all have plenty of space. The golf bad came with a "driver" and an iron. We went later and bought him a putter. If you have a toddler that is beyond the plastic golf clubs, I would recommend similar kids golf clubs and bag.

I also think the golf clubs have helped him learn the rules and terminology of the game. Now that he knows what a driver and iron look and feel like, he knows that a driver is what you use off the tee, and iron is what you use off the grass, and a putter is what you use on the green.

This set of kids golf clubs has enabled my son and I to have valuable time together. We spend a lot of time together anyway, but golf is something we both enjoy. Having him around makes it that much more enjoyable for me. He asks to go golfing quite a bit and it is always an exciting time for him when I say yes. Since he's a little boy, he gets the most fun out of being outside and swinging a golf club really hard. And maybe he has some fun being with Dad.

Anyone who enjoys golf knows how important it is to get started you in order to be good. Anyone who enjoys golf and has kids hopes their kids enjoy the game as well. Golf is a great bonding opportunity. The first step is to get a set of kids golf clubs and get swinging. Have fun!