Real PropertyInvesting in real estate is a great way to put your money to work. Income can come in the form of profits when the properties are sold or as an income stream from renting or leasing properties. Like in all good investments, the goal is to purchase at the lowest price and sell or rent at the greatest possible price the market will bear; since the market is the ultimate arbiter of pricing. A property investment club is an excellent vehicle for this type of investment.

At this point in time prices in residential real estate have come down and are almost at the point of being flat. One can never be sure what is the bottom, but the consensus seems to believe the prices are nearing their lows. In commercial real estate, there seems to be some downside left. There is too much commercial square footage per person in the country. This is why many malls have "for rent" signs and others are completely empty. This is not good for the retailers and other businesses there, but it its a great opportunity for people who are interested in purchasing property. A property investment club can pool a lot of money into profitable ownership shares. The more invested, the more the Return on Investment (ROI).

The time to purchase commercial and residential property are when prospects are bleakest. This the time for purchasing real estate. Being able to purchase property at rock bottom prices and foreclosure properties at a great discount is a stroke of luck and genius. Waiting for a recovery means that there is now stiff competition which will drive prices up. A lot of the profit will be lost in waiting too long.

Enjoy yourself while having an excellent chance of making a nice return on Investment. Join with others who have similar interests in real estate for sale. Profits will be allotted according to shares or the amount invested in the property investment club. Think of it like a mutual fund where you have shares in many different investments. This is positive in that the risk is spread across different types of property or sectors of the real estate market. When this is done the chance of profiting increases; no one property which did not appreciate at the expected rate, will greatly affect the others, which are doing well. Real estate is an exciting field that can be profitable and enjoyable at the same time.